Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports

Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports, Tips, and Guidelines

When it comes to keeping your furniture looking its best, nothing beats having a good upholstery cleaning machine. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Luckily, consumer reports have done the legwork for you. In this article, we’ll look at their top picks for upholstery cleaning machines and see what makes them stand out from the competition. So, whether you’re in the market for a new machine or just curious about what’s out there, read on!

What is an upholstery cleaning machine?

Upholstery cleaning machine is a device but powered by electricity. It has been used to clean any upholstered furniture in both home and commercial areas. There are a lot of types of upholstery, which include leather, fabric, or suede, natural or synthetic materials.

Most Common Types of upholstery cleaning machine:

Types of Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Steam cleaner: This type can use warm steam during the process, which can kill germs and bacteria on the upholstery’s surface. While effective in cleaning dirt from your sofa or chair, this may also leave moisture on its surface after the process. This means that it might have a longer drying time when compared with other types. But do not worry about this because there is no need to do it quickly as usual. You just need to wait around 3 hours or more depending on the weather conditions in your area.

Hot water extraction method: This type is recommendable for cleaning upholstery that is mostly made of leather material. However, if you are not sure what kind of material does your sofa or chair has, then this method should be avoided because it will damage the fibers and leave marks on its surface. But before using this device, make sure that there’s no moisture left during the completion of the process by using a blow dryer first.

Dry Vapor Cleaning Method: It makes use of vacuum suction to remove dirt particles from deep inside any upholstered furniture. One reason why it can do this is because it usually has a motorized brush. Not only that, since there’s no water involved during the process, it can also prevent any damage on its surface. Furthermore, you can use it to clean both drapes and window treatments as well.

Factors to Consider before buying upholstery cleaning machine:

Before buying an upholstery cleaning machine, there are important factors you should consider first. These include:

Price: One of the most important things to investigate is its price. You must remember that not all upholstery cleaning machines will provide great results on your furniture. Some of them are just expensive but do not even clean well. So, for this reason, go for a device that can satisfy your needs and preferences at the same time with its price range.

Brand Name: As much as possible, choose a brand name that has been known for delivering high-quality appliances or tools. You can consult third parties about which brand is good, so you won’t regret anything afterwards when using the product itself. Also, you must see reviews or feedback from other people who have already used them before. If they are positive, then the product should work well for you too.

Features: Before buying anything, look at its features first so you will know whether it can deliver what you need or not. Some of the features that should be present in an upholstery cleaning machine include brush system, heat settings, speed options and drum size among others.

Ease of Use: Make sure that an upholstery cleaning machine is easy to use. This way, you will not have a hard time understanding its function or operating it because the instructions are written in an understandable manner.

Safety Mechanism: It should be safe to use. For example, if the drum has been locked properly, there’s no need for you to worry about your hands accidentally touching it when using it. You can also always check the cord carefully before plugging it into power outlets for safety purposes.

Size:  This depends on what you need and where you will store it. If there’s not enough space in your storage area, then consider the weight of the device if necessary.

Warranty: When buying a brand-new upholstery cleaning machine, make sure that it is still under warranty before using it. This way, if anything goes wrong within a certain period, you can ask for a repair or replacement without having to pay extra expenses yourself. You just must follow the terms and conditions written in its warranty agreement for this purpose. Some companies offer 12 months while others will provide 24 months so choose wisely which one would be best suitable for your needs and preferences instead.

Tank Capacity: This depends on the amount of water or solution that you will use during its operation. If there’s too much, then the tank may tip over and spill it all over your house especially if you are not careful enough.

Water Heating Time: Upholstery cleaning machines usually have different heating times which means it can be used up for a long period. Some of them can even heat water in just less than 10 minutes while others require only 5 minutes to do so. So just choose one that suits you as soon as possible.

Cord Length: You must choose a device that has a cord length of at least 6 feet, so you won’t have any problem plugging it in an outlet during its operations.

Swivel Hose and Nozzle: Having a hose and nozzle will make it easier for you to clean the upholstery without having to move much.

Steam Settings: This is important as you can adjust the steam’s temperature levels accordingly depending on what your furniture needs.

Noise Level: Having a quiet device will help so, if possible, choose one that will not create too much noise during its operation. You wouldn’t want such a thing happening when your kids are trying to take a nap or rest in their rooms.

Brush System: Having an upholstery cleaning machine that comes with a brush system is obviously better because it can be able to remove dirt more efficiently. Even so, you must consider the bristles of its brushes as well, so they are not too hard or irritating on your furniture’s fabric part.

Drum Size: If your chair or couch has deep-seated wrinkles and grooves, then it would be best for you to use a device that has a drum size of 8 inches or higher. So, make sure to take this into consideration first before buying one and placing an order for such type without any hassle at all.

Detergent System: This is another thing that you must consider before buying a new upholstery cleaning machine. A device without this kind of system will be harder for your furniture to remain fresh and clean so make sure not to forget about it before checking out the features of its product description first.

Speed Settings: Cheaper upholstery cleaning machines usually come with two speed settings only which means they lack options compared to others but still work well depending on your needs and preferences.

Cleaning Tools: If you are buying a device that comes with cleaning tools for furniture or carpet, then make sure to buy it as early as possible so you have everything you need for the process. This way, it would be easier for you to finish your tasks without any hassle at all.

Hose Reel: It is best to choose a device with an integrated hose reel because it helps ensure that you won’t have any problem using the machine right after it is done with its operation.

Water Filter: A water filter helps keep dirt away from your furniture’s fabric part through the suction system of the device itself. However, if there are some bigger particles on the floor, then it would be best to use brushes to remove them more efficiently so

Design: This is one of the most important things that you must consider before placing an order for a new upholstery cleaning machine. The design must be easy on the eyes, so you won’t have any problem using it in your house or office instead.

Special features: There   are some upholstery cleaning machines that come with special features so they can provide more benefits and advantages. However, you must make sure that it is suitable for your needs and preferences first before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Material:  If possible, choose a device that has a stainless-steel body as it helps ensure the product’s durability and sturdiness. Even so, you must make sure that your upholstery cleaning machine is safe to use on a regular basis instead of others first before checking out its features first.

Return Policy Period: Usually, returning an item after 3 months can be considered as “too late” so you must check out the return policy period of the store where you are going to buy your upholstery cleaning machine from as soon as possible.

Accessories:  It is best to choose a device that comes with additional accessories such as cord clips, nozzles, and others because it will make your tasks a whole lot easier to do. You also must make sure that the extras are compatible with its main product.

Durability: Last but not the least, you must determine how durable your chosen upholstery cleaning machine is. It should be made of tough materials that are able to resist wear and tear so it can last for a long time instead of others.

The Pros and Cons of upholstery cleaning machine:


The market offers a wide variety of options for everyone who needs an upholstery cleaning machine. There are some affordable ones while others cost a bit more money but offer better features and advantages compared to the former ones.

Most upholstery cleaning machines have been designed to be ergonomic, so you won’t have any problem using them on a regular basis at all. They have easy-to-use designs that allow anyone to operate the device properly without any issues or problems along the way as well.

You can use it even if you just want something that works great to remove dust from your furniture every now and then instead of having to buy an expensive professional cleaner which is why more and more people prefer these devices.


You must buy a separate device for your carpets as most upholstery cleaning machines are only made to work on furniture surfaces instead of others. In some cases, they can be able to clean rugs as well though, so it just depends on the product itself.

Some upholstery cleaning machines aren’t durable at all so if you put too much pressure into them, then expect that the machine will wear out sooner than expected. It also doesn’t help that its parts can get broken easily over time either because of improper use or other reasons as well which is why you must handle it carefully all the time so nothing bad happens in the process instead.

There are some upholstery cleaning machines that are just too expensive for the features that they have to offer so you must be careful with your purchase. You can ask for help from a professional if you want to determine which one is right for you but make sure that it is always within your budget.


How do upholstery cleaning machine work?

An upholstery cleaning machine usually works by hooking it up to your garden hose and using water to lift dirt and other stains easily instead of doing it manually which is why more people prefer this method instead.

How often should I use upholstery cleaning machines?

You can use an upholstery cleaning machine as much as possible but make sure that you clean the device at least every three months so it will be able to remove all grime, dust, hair, and any other type of debris that might have accumulated over time. Also, remember that you will need some accessories such as a brush or duster for your attachments, so they are able to provide better results instead of just using its main product on its own.

How do I use an Upholstery Cleaning Machine?

Upholstery cleaning machines are simple household tools that homeowners usually have in their homes. These devices allow them to clean even hard-to-reach areas since they already come with long power cords. To prove this, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can operate yours safely without causing any damage or injury:

Before using the device, consult the package first if there’s a user manual inside it so you will know all of its safety precautions and procedures before operating it. Make sure not to touch the drum directly because it is hot and might burn your skin.

Once you’re done reading the instructions, turn off the gas or electricity that powers up the device before disconnecting the power cord from the source completely. Attach a garden hose to its back and make sure that you open its valve too before switching it on. Put some liquid detergent at the desired level inside it and add water until it reaches an adequate amount for cleaning instead.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use liquid detergent yet because most upholstery cleaning machines come with several accessories like hoses, brushes, extension wands, etc. Once everything is in place, start rolling it slowly on your furniture surface using long strokes then pull back using short ones.

Just make sure to lift it up halfway so you won’t have any problem cleaning the sides of your furniture. Some machines come with an attachable brush so use that if needed for better results. Make several passes over the same area until you notice that the dirt has been completely removed before turning it off then unplugging it after finishing your task.

Other Tips:

Use a microfiber towel or chamois cloth instead of paper towels to clean upholstery surfaces since these are more efficient when it comes to absorbing liquid without leaving too much behind which is why more people prefer using them instead. Just make sure not to soak them or else they will no longer be useful for this purpose anymore.

Always read the user manual first to know how much detergent your upholstery cleaning machine can handle to prevent any accident or damage in the future.

Never try removing stubborn stains immediately to avoid damaging the material of your furniture.

Make sure that you clean your device regularly, so grime, dust and dirt won’t have a chance to accumulate.

Don’t use too much steam when you are trying get rid of humid stains since this might cause watermarks on its surface instead.

Always test an inconspicuous area before using it for cleaning then rinse after finishing the job.

How do I know how much water my machine needs?

Since upholstery cleaning machines already come with a detergent tank, you will only have to fill it with hot water until it reaches the desired level. However, make sure not to add too much of it or else some parts might end up wet and might cause stains on your furniture instead.

what should you do if your machine starts making bubbling sounds?

First, make sure it’s not overheated because this indicates that liquid has already passed the safety point and it will begin to burn if left unattended for several minutes. Turn it off immediately then allow it to cool before using it again. If you are not comfortable with handling this yourself, hire an expert carpet cleaner instead so he can fix your device without causing any trouble or danger in the future.

Is upholstery cleaning Effective?

Of course, it is! This method will make your furniture look like brand new again without having to replace them with something better. You can even save up a lot of money if you start using this on a regular basis instead of getting rid of them and purchasing new ones all the time.

Is Upholstery Cleaning Safe?

This depends on how you do it and what type of detergent you use. If your machine doesn’t come with a dishwasher, make sure to read the user manual carefully first before using it for this purpose since some products contain harmful chemicals like bleach which isn’t suitable for upholstery surfaces as well as other spots around your house.

Be very careful when choosing the right cleaning solution to avoid any damage or discoloration caused by too much heat or by certain products.

If everything else fails, hire an expert cleaner who knows exactly what he’s doing in order to get fantastic results without experiencing any problems along the way.

Who is Upholstery Cleaning for?

Anyone can do it! All you need is the right device and detergent to make sure that your furniture ends up looking like new again. You can even save more money by opting for this solution instead of purchasing replacement items all the time.

How do you deep clean an upholstered chair?

You will need a upholstery cleaning machine which you can use to remove dirt and stains from your furniture quickly and effortlessly. You can even choose a portable version if you want to bring it with you on the go so you don’t have any trouble finding clients wherever you might be.

What happens when you steam clean an upholstered chair?

This method aims to reduce the risk of damage or stains by using high amounts of steam. To get started, cover your furniture with a protective sheet then attach the spray nozzle on your device. Finally, turn it on and leave it for several minutes until you see that cleaning solution has passed through all surfaces before removing the sheet and rinsing thoroughly.

How do you deep clean microfiber upholstery?

First, take your vacuum cleaner and use the upholstery brush attachment to remove any surface dust. Use a damp microfiber cloth along with a cleaning solution for these tough stains which you can’t get rid of by yourself. Once you are finished, allow it to dry completely before using it again to maintain its quality over time.

Do upholstery steam cleaners work?

This method uses high amounts of steam which will help you get rid of dirt and stains on your furniture quickly. However, if you don’t want to use it, there are other alternatives available so feel free to choose the one that seems best for you.

What happens if you don’t use a upholstery cleaning machine?

When you neglect this step, the chances of getting dirty or staining your furniture increase significantly. If you ignore them, these stains will set in and become hard to remove when left untreated for several hours. To avoid this from happening, always clean thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner and detergent on a regular basis.

Is upholstery cleaning expensive?

It depends on several factors including the type of machine you are using as well as how thorough you want to be when choosing your detergent and doing the actual cleaning process. If you don’t mind paying for quality results, this is worth it!

Why do we need an upholstery cleaning machine?

If you prefer something extremely powerful and efficient, there’s no better way to go than purchasing a reliable upholstery cleaning machine. It will make your life a lot easier because you don’t have to do any of this by hand anymore.

What happens if fabric gets wet too often?

It becomes more sensitive to heat as well as increases the risk of color bleeding when exposed for extended periods. To avoid these types of problems from happening, always use protective sheets along with an upholstery cleaning machine before storing it away until further notice.

How to Maintain Upholstery Cleaning Machine?

When it comes to your upholstery, one of the best ways on how you can keep it clean is by first keeping yourself clean. Before using any device, you should first remove all things that are present on its surface. After removing them, use a vacuum cleaner on its surface before putting anything again. Also, take note that your machine’s brush roll must be turned off during the cleaning process because it might also damage its surface. If needed, consider doing some repairs after using it for a long time. However, if there are still strands left on its surface after turning off its brush roll then try to pull them out gently with the help of tweezers or needle nose pliers. And finally, make sure to do a regular maintenance to it by cleaning the exterior of its surface on a regular basis.


Upholstery is something which most people want to keep looking nice although it is exposed to so many potential risks. If you don’t clean it regularly or on time, stains and dirt will become very hard to remove over time making your furniture look beyond bad no matter how expensive it was at first.

As a final recommendation, we can say that our upholstery cleaning machine for couch comes with an affordable price tag along with plenty of benefits that will make this process easy for everyone regardless of their skillset. Once you decide to give this a shot, every type of stain will be gone in less than two minutes!