Best Tens Unit Consumer Reports

Best Tens Unit Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

Are you in need of a Tens unit, but not sure which one to buy? Wondering what the best Tens unit consumer reports are? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll also be providing a buying guide to help you choose the right unit for your needs. So, whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or want to treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for more information.

What is the tens unit?

Tens unit is a small, wearable device that emits electrical impulses to the body to reduce pain. Also known as a TENS machine or electro-stimulator, this device comes with two sticky pads attached to it – the negative and positive electrodes – which you can easily attach to your body. These pads have been designed so that there is minimal discomfort for the user when wearing them around the house. Tens units are widely used by patients suffering from arthritis, cancer treatment side effects, migraines, and other chronic conditions.

Most Common Types of tens unit:

The TENS unit is generally available in three different forms: portable, home and hospital for extreme cases.

Portable Tens Unit: This variant comes with a belt clip which means you can attach the device to your clothes or belt. The corded design lets you move around while wearing it, unlike its other counterparts. However, the drawback of the product is that it has an ON/OFF button which needs to be pressed each time you want to change settings or turn it off.

Home Tens Unit: Also known as the wireless Tens machine, this variant works via radio frequency so there are no cables involved. It comes with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, pre-set modes and specific programs designed for home use.

Hospital Tens Unit: The doctor-prescribed Tens unit is the most powerful one of all. It comes with additional features such as dual channel stimulation, batteries, multiple intensity settings and more.

Factors to Consider before buying Ten unit:

Treatment Modes/Programs: You can choose between pre-set or customized treatment modes on your unit depending on what you need it for. For example, people suffering from tennis elbow would benefit more from ‘muscle stimulation’ programs while those looking for pain relief would do better with ‘pains relief’ programs.

Controls: Most devices come with an LCD panel which lets you monitor the intensity level of the device. For example, if you want to treat your back pain, it would be better to select a Tens unit where you can adjust the electrode positions and intensity settings manually. This way, you can apply treatment specifically where needed rather than all over your body. Also, some units let you choose between burst mode for quick relief or continuous mode for long-term treatment.

Size/Style: Smaller Tens machines that are easy to store and carry around are preferable as they can be used during travelling too! Look for lighter variants if portability is one of your top priorities

Additional Features: While most units come with a carrying case and electrode leads, there are some variants that let you order disposable electrodes as well. Some devices even make use of NFC to connect with your smartphone and provide additional information such as treatment stats & programs via the app.

Price: Many people shy away from buying a Tens unit because they think it’s expensive and unaffordable. However, most units out there cost less than $100 and we highly recommend stationary/home units which start at just around $50! If you’re unsure about whether this device works for you, you can always take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee to return it if unsatisfied. Also, don’t forget to read reviews from actual customers before making your final purchase decision!

Timer: Most top-notch Tens unit comes with built-in timer options which automatically shut off the device after a certain time. This is important if you want to avoid over-treating and prolonging your treatment sessions as instructed by your doctor.

Graduated Pulsed Stimulation (GPS): This is a unique feature available only on high end medical devices that lets you control pulse width, frequency & intensity of stimulation. It works great if you’re using it for rehabilitation purposes!

Extra Accessories: Many models come with electrode leads, carrying case and even batteries! These additional accessories can surely help during travelling so check if these are included before making your purchase decision.

Waveform:  The type of waveform used by your Tens device can have a significant impact on how well it works for you. The most common types are square, sinusoidal, and burst mode. Look for the one which provides maximum pain relief!

Warranty:  This is an important factor to consider as no device out there can work perfectly all the time! Check if your Tens unit comes with a warranty of at least 1 year before making your purchase decision.

Programming: Pre-set programs are great for beginners, but dedicated control allows you more customization options which prove useful during rehabilitation purposes.

Battery Power: If portability and ease of use is one of your top priorities, go for a Tens machine that can be easily recharged via USB cable. In these devices, internal batteries are used to provide power instead of external/replaceable ones

Multi-Channel Option: This feature allows multiple people to be treated using the same Tens machine simultaneously which makes it useful in home where multiple family members need pain relief regularly.

Auto-off Feature:  A great feature to have in any Tens unit is Auto-off which shuts off the device when you are done with your treatment session or after a certain time interval. If you are forgetful about shutting it down, this one will be helpful!

Intensity Levels:  Higher the number of intensity levels, better will be your control over the Tens machine. The greater number of settings available, the more customizable your treatment can be!

Comfort: Any Tens unit should provide you with optimum comfort during use. This includes the pads that stick to your skin and electrodes that meet it. Ensure there is proper spacing between electrodes, so you don’t feel uncomfortable or irritated by them.

Number of Electrode Pads/Size: While most units come with 4-8 electrode pads, some high-end models offer as many as 16! Besides this, look for variants which allow easy replacement and repairs in case one of the electrodes gets damaged for some reason. In some cases, a Tens machine may not come with any electrode pad at all which means you’ll have to buy them separately.

Stimulation Intensity: This parameter defines the power of electrical stimulation that would be delivered through electrodes. Generally, units with higher intensity will provide better relief but always check your doctor’s advice before making the final purchase decision. It is also important to note that more intensity levels mean you get finer control over your treatment sessions!

Mode of Operation: Units with only one single button are easy to use while others which come with display options may need some getting used to. If portability is on top of your priority list, consider small pocket-sized Tens devices instead of larger ones. Also make sure the device is lightweight enough for easy carrying around during travelling purposes.

Display: A display can tell you a lot about your machine including the type of mode it is operating in, time elapsed, number of times it’s been used…etc. It also tells you when to change the electrode pads and how much battery is left so consider devices with visible displays unless portability is extremely important for you.

Memory Capacity: Memory function allows you to store all your settings or even pre-set programs for future use. This comes handy when dealing with several different patients daily!

Design:  The shape, size and weight of Tens machines also play a crucial role in determining the user experience. Make sure your device is small, lightweight with electrode pads that can be securely attached using adhesive tapes. Also look for pocket-friendly models if you must carry it around during travelling purposes

Reliability: Before buying any Tens unit, check what customer reviews say about its reliability in terms of durability and consistency in delivering pain relief. Beware of companies which just sell Tens devices without providing proper documentation or post-sales support since this can lead to potential issues down the line!

Warranty: All Tens devices have a limited manufacturer warranty which makes it important to read the fine print before making your purchase. Ensure you are not just buying an expensive paperweight by opting for longer warranties whenever possible.

Material: The material used in making the electrodes and pads is equally important. Fortunately, most Tens machines today include pre-gelled electrodes which simply stick to your skin or clothing thereby avoiding any discomfort.

Battery life: While some Tens devices can be plugged in for continuous operation, most models use rechargeable batteries to ensure portability during travelling. The good news is you get an indication of how much time remains before your device needs another charge so always check the number of hours it runs on a single charge to get a better idea.

Power: While most Tens models run on standard household voltages (110-240V), there are exceptions, and you’d require all-in-one plug adapters to work with their power sockets. Make sure your Tens device comes with such adapters instead of needing separate ones unless that’s not important at all!

Other features: Some units even include accessories like clothes/belt clips which make them easier to carry around during travel. Look for such options if you must carry your device around a lot!

Pads & Electrodes: The material used in making the pads and electrodes is equally important. Fortunately, most Tens units today include pre-gelled Electrodes which simply stick to your skin or clothing thereby avoiding any discomfort.

Type of Electrodes: There are several types of electrodes available in the market ranging from standard hospital grade type to simple handholds for facial pain relief! Check the kind you need before ordering one since there is no point in buying a special Tens machine if it doesn’t come with suitable electrodes.

Cable & Connectors: Cable length, connector type and portability also play an important role when choosing your Tens unit so be sure to check these factors before placing your order. You should go for devices which use snap connectors or wireless operation (if possible) since they provide better convenience and portability.

Power Supply: The good news is most Tens devices come with rechargeable batteries which last several hours on a single charge. This lets you use your device at home, outdoors or during travel without the need for any outside power source. Always go for models that let you know how much time remains before needing another charge so you can plan accordingly!

The Pros and Cons of Ten unit:

The Pros

Tens units are compact, lightweight with great portability at home or even during travelling. Since they use standard voltages, you can use them without worrying about compatibility issues in different countries.

Since the electrodes used are pre-gelled, there is no need to worry about any discomfort or mess involved when applying them on your skin. Plus, the electrode pads last for several hours before needing replacement so there is no hassle involved here either.

Finally, most Tens devices have automatic shut-off features which help save battery life once you are done using it! This makes them ideal for people who suffer from chronic pain because it lets them relax without constantly monitoring their device for power status information.

The Cons

There are very few cons to Tens units but the biggest one is that they work on single channel only. This kind of restricts their effectiveness when dealing with severe pain since most patients require strong multi-channel stimulation therapy to get relief. Also, finding high quality Ten’s devices is quite tough since most brands sell low-grade ones for mass markets.


How does a TENS unit work?

A TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is a simple device which uses low voltage and painless electrical impulses to help relieve chronic pain. These devices have been approved by the FDA to treat muscle aches, arthritis, sports injuries, and other external pains that can’t be treated through conventional therapies such as massages. The working process of a Tens device involves sending electrical signals from an electrode placed on your skin to your brain using a wire lead. This stimulation overrides the pain messages being sent from your nerves in the affected area, thereby blocking out all discomfort. Keep in mind that these units are not meant for people with a pacemaker fitted inside their bodies.

How long does it take for a TENS unit to work?

Tens units usually take around 30 minutes to start producing noticeable results, but most users experience immediate relief after just 10 minutes of treatment. The brain starts adjusting in your pain receptors immediately so you will notice some changes almost right away! Most units today come with pre-programmed therapy settings and modes which offer various intensity levels and time schedules. This lets you adjust your therapy according to your needs and requirement thereby providing faster relief from pain issues without cutting back on comfort or convenience, unlike when using medications or other therapies that require several weeks to show any positive effects.

What kind of Tens unit is best for home use?

A regular Tens machine with battery/AC adapter system would be ideal since it works for both indoor and outdoor settings. It also comes with several pre-gelled Electrodes, so you won’t need additional accessories when using it during travel!

Can I use Tens machine when pregnant?

Pregnant women should avoid using Tens device near their belly region since this can lead to premature contractions. Always talk to your doctor before using a Tens unit on the lower back, neck, or shoulder area during pregnancy.

How does Tens work on lower back pain?

The safe & natural analgesic properties of TENS mean it can be used as part of a comprehensive strategy for both acute and chronic lower back conditions. This includes post-operative recovery from lumbar spine surgery as well as long-term treatment of lumbar pain and sciatica.

What kind of Tens unit is best for diabetic neuropathy?

Tens unit is an effective solution for treating both acute and chronic forms of nerve pain including Diabetic Neuropathy (damage to the peripheral nerves). Always consult your doctor before trying out a Tens device on this condition since it can lead to further complications if used improperly.

Can I use Tens machine when having Heart Attack? 

NO! Using TENS devices near the chest area (especially on the upper back) is highly discouraged during heart attacks because it can slow down heartbeats even further by sending mixed signals into the heart muscles. This increases the chances of triggering angina or other heart attack symptoms which can be very dangerous!

Can I use Tens machine for post-op pain relief?

Most hospitals and physical therapy centers use TENS devices for acute and chronic forms of nerve-related pain including lower back, neck, shoulder, or knee/leg related pains. Generally, it is safe to try out a Tens unit after surgery on the affected body part to see how it works for you since they are generally non-invasive & drug free!

What kind of Tens unit is best for fibromyalgia treatment?

Fibromyalgia is a tricky condition which can be hard to treat with conventional management methods alone. However certain Tens machines have been known to provide some relief from chronic muscle & joint stiffness associated with this condition due to their high frequency output! Always consult your doctor before trying out a Tens device on this condition at home.

How do I use my TENS unit safely?

The safety of TENS devices is greatly dependent on how they are used. This means there are certain rules to follow before you can use it safely at home or during travel:

Always keep the device dry and avoid usage near water

Never place electrodes over open wounds, cuts & bruises

Remove electrodes if redness appears around the area being stimulated

Avoid using Tens machine for more than 30-40 mins in a single session. Allow time for your muscles to relax between sessions

Does Tens unit help with headache pain?

Tens doesn’t work well for headaches because of its limited ability to penetrate the head region. However, there are reports which show that some brands have helped with tension related headaches by providing relief from muscle contractions!

Who shouldn’t use it?

People with implanted devices such as a pacemaker, defibrillators or insulin pumps should avoid using TENS machines since it can interfere with the device’s working. Also, if you have epilepsy or heart problems then consult your doctor before using a Tens machine.

Who uses TENS units?

TENS devices are used by both athletes and non-athletes alike to get relief from muscle or joint pain which can be caused by chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic back pain. Pregnant women use Tens machines to treat lower back pain brought on by pregnancy!

Can I use a tens unit on cold muscles/joints?

It is best to use Tens machine warm muscles/ joints so that it can relax them and allow for better penetration of electrodes during treatment. If your muscles are already cold due to weather conditions or sickness, then avoid using it until they have warmed up to normal body temperature!

What does EMS stand for in TENS Units?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a type of technology which provides electric impulses to the muscles to stimulate them. These impulses are sent directly into the muscle which causes them to contract & relax repeatedly over a short period of time!

Can I use my unit if it’s broken or not working properly? 

NO! Only use a TENS device if it’s fully functional since any malfunction would hinder its ability to safely provide you with pain relief. If you feel that your unit is not working properly then get it checked by the supplier or consult an expert before using it again!

Can I use it on carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, Tens machines have been known to be effective for both acute and chronic forms of nerve-related pain including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Always consult your doctor before trying out a Tens unit on this condition at home for safety reasons.

How do I dispose of used rechargeable batteries from my Tens Unit?

Remove the old batteries from your device and dispose of them properly. Do not simply throw out the batteries with regular household waste as they can create serious hazards for animals, children or adults who may meet them!

What should I do if my skin gets irritated the gels pads?

Remove the electrodes immediately and rinse the area with cold water. Do not scrub or apply too much pressure when removing them, simply remove them gently and replace them with fresh ones after rinsing and drying. Apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream to ease any inflammation caused by this condition.

How do I know if my tens unit has a battery life indicator?

Most Tens devices come with an inbuilt battery indicator which shows you when your batteries are running low so that you can replace them before they go out completely. Some units also have an alert sound to indicate the same. Always consult your manual for instructions on how to replace old batteries!

When should I change my gels pads?

You should always check the condition of your electrode gels pads each time after you use it after every 20-30 uses since the stickiness reduces with usage and may stop providing you with pain relief. Replace them with new ones for maximum results!

How do I charge my Tens Unit?

Most rechargeable Tens units come with an AC adapter which you need to plug into an outlet in order to charge it. Ensure that you do not use too much force when connecting the cord to avoid damaging it or the device itself. Unplug the machine after charging fully to prevent loss of battery capacity due to excessive usage of electricity!

What type of battery does a Tens Unit use?

Most Tens devices come with rechargeable built-in batteries which can be charged using a cord or by using 3 x AAA/AA size 1.5v alkaline batteries if your unit does not have a built-in feature.

Is it safe to use Tens Unit while sleeping?  

Research has shown that using Tens devices at night does not interfere with normal sleep patterns provided it is used only for 30-60 minutes before going to bed. However, high intensity TENS machines are more likely to disrupt your sleep if you use them too close to bedtime!

Is it safe for young children? 

It is safe to use Tens on young children if the child is supervised by an adult when using the device since they require fairly high settings of 15-20+ mA which can be extremely dangerous otherwise! Always consult a medical expert before trying out this type of pain relief on children!

Are TENS units worth it?

It is a common misconception that TENS units only produce temporary relief from pain. In fact, they can provide you with long lasting results as compared to taking medications or applying creams since the electrodes stimulate the nerve directly without producing any side effects!


If you suffer from chronic pain, TENS machine can provide you with much needed relief. However, it is always advisable to consult your physician before purchasing one since they are not suitable for everyone. Also ensure that you do not try out different settings until you understand how each button works since wrong usage of the device may lead to serious injury!