Best Probiotic Supplement Consumer Reports

Best Probiotic Supplement Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

Are you looking for a probiotic supplement that can offer you the best results? If so, it is important to do your research before making a purchase. In this blog post, we will provide you with information from consumer reports regarding the best probiotic supplements on the market. By understanding what to look for in a probiotic supplement, you can make an informed decision and get the most out of your product.

What is a probiotic supplement?

A probiotic supplement is a dietary product that contains beneficial bacteria. When taken, these supplements aim to improve gut health and balance bacterial flora. Probiotics help fight against harmful bacteria that can lead to intestinal infections like diarrhea or yeast overgrowth. After the beneficial bacteria are introduced into the body, it becomes easier for people to digest food and helps with restoring the immune system.

Most Common Types of probiotic supplement:

Probiotic capsules:  These capsules are easy to carry and simple to take while traveling. Some may not be vegetarian-friendly while others can easily dissolve into drinks or smoothies.

Probiotic gummies: These probiotic supplements come in the form of chewy candies that contain beneficial bacteria, calcium, and other minerals your body needs. They also taste great!

Probiotic powder: The best way to include this supplement is by mixing it with water or other liquids. This product should be refrigerated after opening so you can ensure freshness until you use it all.

Probiotic yogurt: Yogurt is a popular food choice for many people because its high in protein and low in fat which is why yogurt was targeted as one of the best probiotic foods. These yogurts contain active cultures that help promote a healthy digestive system and immune system.

Probiotic liquid: If you are looking for a supplement on the go these liquid supplements may be right for you because they come in a bottle with a dropper, making it simple to take anywhere.

What should you know about probiotic supplement?

Best time to take:

Probiotic supplements can be taken any time of day, but it is best to take them on an empty stomach. Taking probiotics with food can hinder the capsules’ ability to dissolve into the digestive system because this slows down digestion. During that process, less advantageous bacteria will remain in your colon.

Best place to store your probiotic supplement:

Since these supplements contain living organisms (probiotics), they should be stored in a cool and dark area like the refrigerator. It’s also important for consumers to keep their supplements away from allergens like soy or wheat whenever possible. Refrigeration is not always required; however, it is still advisable since extreme temperatures can kill healthy bacteria within the product.

Factors to Consider before buying probiotic supplement:

If you are looking for the best probiotic supplement, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below we’ll show you what factors it takes to determine the quality of your supplement:

Purity: When buying probiotics, you want to make sure that no fillers or harmful chemicals (like preservatives) were added during the manufacturing process. Also look for labels that indicate high CFU counts and an expiration date. This will ensure that your product meets safety standards and contains living organisms at time of purchase.

Probiotic Strains: The number of different species and strains found in each supplement should be listed on the label because those who seek certain health benefits may benefit more from taking one product over another. For example, those with a dairy intolerance may want to consider a vegan friendly supplement instead.

Price: The cost can reflect the quality and purity of the supplement. Generally, you get what you pay for when buying probiotics, but that doesn’t mean that all high-end supplements are superior to those that come at a reduced price. Always compare your options before making a purchase because you don’t want to buy something priced too high or too low simply based on cost alone.

Storage: Probiotics do not require refrigeration, but it is still recommended to keep them stored away from heat and moisture. However, we also understand that we cannot always store our supplements in a refrigerator so it’s important to know if the product you are purchasing has an expiration date printed on the label. This way, you can ensure freshness until you have used all of the capsules or powder within your purchase.

Brand reputation:  Probiotics should always be purchased from reliable suppliers to ensure safety standards are met during the manufacturing process. If you want to purchase a product that meets or exceeds these standards, consider buying your supplement from brands with high consumer ratings and good standing with regulatory agencies.

Dosage:  Look for supplements that offer options for different dosage sizes so you can purchase one bottle and take it daily for a lifetime or until you notice benefits. The number of capsules or powder found within each serving should also be clearly indicated on the product label.

Delivery systems:  When buying probiotics, you will find that some products are better than others at making it through the digestive system. Capsules can be more difficult for your body to break down, but they do ensure proper delivery of live organisms into the gut. On the other hand, powders can offer easy digestion and absorption because they dissolve easily into water or any other drink of choice.

Prebiotics: Prebiotic supplements act as fertilizer for good bacteria found within probiotics to help them grow stronger and increase numbers over time. These foods should always be taken with a quality dose of probiotics because prebiotics alone cannot make their way through an unhealthy digestive system on their own. Consider purchasing prebiotic supplements from brands that also sell high-quality probiotics or consider adding prebiotic containing foods to your diet such as raw garlic, raw onions, chia seeds, and dandelion greens.

Product purity and design:  To ensure your supplement is safe and free from harmful additives, look for a brand that has received good feedback from customers. Those who have been in the business for a long time should be able to offer contact information so you can get answers about how they manufacture their products and why they are considered superior to others on the market.

Supplements designed to meet: Many people buy probiotics to address specific health concerns such as autoimmune disorders, mood swings, and bladder infections. When buying supplements, consider one designed specifically for your condition or dietary needs because it may contain additional ingredients that could boost effectiveness. For example, those looking to lose weight while taking probiotics may want to opt for one with added fiber because this will create an environment where bad bacteria cannot thrive.

Price: While you do not want price to play too big a role when buying probiotics, low prices can often mean low quality no matter how many great reviews a brand has received or how much buzz its products are generating. However, we understand that everyone’s budget is different and if you stick to a tight spending limit, you can often find well-trusted products for low prices.

Probiotic strains: As with all supplements, it is important to purchase probiotics that contain multiple strains, so they are less likely to be ineffective. Look for brands that offer at least two or three different types of bacteria to help protect your gut and improve overall health.

Safety regulations: Procuring safe supplements starts with sourcing trusted suppliers because regulations vary from country to country. The FDA ensures the safety of dietary supplements sold in the United States while Health Canada regulates companies selling these products in Canada. Some countries do not have governing bodies but, instead require labels on food and other ingested substances detailing each ingredient along with its dosage level. If you are buying a product designed specifically for a country outside of the United States or Canada, be sure to double check its safety standards.

Production date and expiry date:  Expiration dates are important for all supplements and probiotics are no exception. If you purchase a bottle of probiotics that is past its expiration date, it could become less effective and even harmful to your health. Before buying an expensive product, learn the production date so you can be sure it is not already expired before arriving at your home.

The Pros and Cons of probiotic supplement:


Can help defend the body from a harmful or unfriendly gut flora

Tends to boost health and wellbeing in those who have a healthy immune system

Can also help treat constipation, diarrhea, IBS, lactose intolerance, bloating and flatulence


Must be taken regularly for them to remain effective and the results may vary from person to person depending on their age. health condition and type of bacteria they are trying to give more balance.

Individuals who have a compromised immune system, those that are sick, and the elderly should consult a doctor before taking any type of probiotic supplement.


Is it bad to take too much probiotic supplement?

It is not recommended that anyone takes a dosage of more than 10 billion CFU’s in a single day because you may experience side effects such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, and nausea. Those with autoimmune disorders or antibiotic-resistant bacteria should be careful when trying new supplements so they do not make their existing condition worse. Heavy metal toxicity from the metals in the probiotics can also cause a host of unpleasant symptoms.

Can I buy probiotics online?

Yes! Probiotics are linked to several nutrients that play key roles in overall health and wellbeing, making them extremely popular supplements that humans have been using for centuries. While some prefer going to a pharmacy and purchasing the product there, others enjoy the convenience of shopping for these products online. If you prefer buying in person, your local pharmacy may carry a limited selection of probiotics while some pharmacies only sell certain brands that they have carried for years.

Will taking a probiotic supplement help me lose weight?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that probiotics can help you lose weight or speed up fat loss unless paired with diet and exercise changes. However, most experts agree that gut flora has an effect on our overall physical health so if we support our digestive system by taking supplements such as this and eating more fermented and prebiotic foods (like kimchi), we will likely experience improved health overall which includes better digestion.

What effect do probiotics have on mental health?

People suffering from depression and anxiety may be deficient in healthy gut bacteria so taking a daily dose of supplements could help them feel better. However, you should consult with your doctor before trying this to ensure it does not interact with any medications you are taking or worsen any existing conditions. Gut flora also helps us feel less stressed, anxious, and even boosts our memory so adding probiotics to your diet could improve psychological wellbeing due to their positive effects on mood and brain function.

Are probiotics safe for children?

While many parents probably see the value in giving their child a daily dose of supplements, it is best to ask your doctor first as not all supplements are suitable for those under 18 years old. In addition, those with compromised immune systems should avoid any type of probiotic supplementation until they have been given the OK by their doctor and families who have a history of autoimmune disorders should also consult with a medical professional before trying this or any other supplement.

Why do we need to take probiotics every day?

Even though you may introduce healthy bacteria into your system through fermented foods, you cannot rely on them to last forever so taking a daily supplement such as this one will help keep your gut flora healthy and working properly. In fact, most experts recommend taking a dose of this supplement every day to get the most benefit from it even though some brands offer more potent products that can be taken less often.

Long does it take for probiotics to take effect?

Since your digestive system is constantly changing, the effects of supplements such as this may not be immediately noticeable. Most experts agree that you should see a change within 1-2 weeks and that it can take up to 4 weeks for those with compromised immune systems to feel the benefits since antibiotics wipe out healthy gut flora faster than we can replace them naturally.

How often should I take probiotics?

Almost every expert recommends taking a daily dose of probiotics, but some brands also offer more potent formulations which allows users to take less throughout each day. In fact, many brands supply enteric coated capsules which protect their contents from stomach acid during their journey through the gastrointestinal tract, so you get all of the benefits without experiencing any unpleasant side effects.

Do probiotic supplements work?

Most studies conclude that probiotic supplements can help improve digestive health and regularity, reduce bloating, and gas and even boost mood so they do appear to be effective. However, it is important to note that not all brands offer the same quality or potency so you should try a few different formulations before deciding which one works best for your unique needs.

Do I need a prescription? 

No, you do not need a prescription for this brand of probiotic supplement since they are considered safe for most people to take. However, you should always seek advice from your doctor or medical professional before trying any type of supplement especially if you suffer from an existing condition or take other medications on a regular basis.

Are probiotics safe?

In most cases, probiotics are considered safe for regular use if you speak with a medical professional who can tell you whether they will interact with any existing conditions. In addition, those with compromised immune systems should avoid using this supplement since it contains organisms that are directly taken from soil which may make them even more susceptible to infection.

Do I need to refrigerate the product?

Even though most brands do not require refrigeration, it is best if you store this supplement in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture since these conditions may damage the delicate cultures inside. In addition, keep it out of reach of children since they seem to be drawn towards anything that tastes sweet including any supplements such as this one which contains small amounts of sugar per dose.

Can I get probiotics naturally?

Yes, you can get these supplements naturally if you eat foods that are rich in healthy bacteria such as yogurt or sauerkraut. However, since there are so many other ingredients in these products, it is important to check the label carefully before consuming any of them since they may contain added sugar and/or other ingredients which could cause allergic reactions.

Do I really need a probiotic?

While there are some people who do not need to take supplements since they naturally have plenty of healthy bacteria in the body, most experts agree that everyone can benefit from adding additional probiotics to their daily diet through food or supplements. As we age, our immune systems weaken and so does our ability to fight off various types of infections which means it is even more important for older individuals to consider upping their intake to prevent future health complications.

How do I choose a good supplement?

As with any supplement, it is important to carefully study the label before trying a new brand or formulation. Check to make sure that there are at least 10 billion organisms per dose which will help you get the most out of this product for your unique needs and lifestyle requirements. It is also wise to consider choosing an organic formula since these products contain no artificial ingredients which may be harmful long term.

How many CFUs are good for a probiotic?

It is generally recommended that you try to find a probiotic product which contains at least 50 billion CFUs per dose so that it can provide a good balance of both prebiotics and live cultures. While there are many brands on the market today, this one offers a superior formula which provides 60 billion CFUs per serving, so you know you have maximum protection from common infections as well as support for digestion and metabolism.

Does higher potency mean better?

While there is no specific answer to this question since many people have different needs, it is important to check the concentration of each ingredient to make sure it meets your personal requirements. In most cases, those above 30 or 40 billion organisms per day should be sufficient especially if you consider the fact that the average healthy person has about three pounds of bacteria in their digestive system alone.

Do I need to take this supplement with food?

Since the product only contains one strain of probiotic, it can be taken anytime you feel that your immune system is weak or even on an empty stomach since there are no special instructions for doing so. However, if you suffer from chronic conditions such as heartburn or acid reflux which may be worsened by taking medications on an empty stomach, you may want to take this supplement with meals instead to prevent these flare-ups.

What is CFU in probiotics?

CFU stands for colony forming unit which refers to the number of live organisms per dosage, so it is important to check this number carefully before buying anything new. This product offers 50 billion CFUs per pill with one strain only so be sure to consider this information when comparing products since most formulas contain multiple strains to provide optimal health benefits.

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Prebiotics are plant-based fibers which act as food for beneficial bacteria in the body while also providing support for regularity, digestion, and other functions. Probiotics on the other hand are live cultures of healthy bacteria which work to keep harmful organisms such as yeast under control, so they don’t compromise immune function. When used together, these two formulas can provide maximum benefits with minimal issues since too many prebiotics may cause digestive upset whereas too many probiotics must be taken at different times throughout the day to ensure proper absorption.

What strains are best for IBS?

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common digestive condition which may cause pain, bloating and other complications if left untreated long term since there is no cure for this condition at this time. However, by taking supplements such as this one which contains lactobacillus acidophilus alongside Bifidobacterium longum, you may be able to improve digestion so that your immune system is strong enough to fight off various infections which cause flare-ups.

What is the best probiotic for women?

Most women of childbearing age contain good bacteria in the body, but this often diminishes over time. If you are looking for a high-quality product to support daily health, consider taking a supplement such as this one which provides maximum benefits with minimal side effects including gluten free formulas and no GMOs.

What is the best probiotic for men?

While each person requires different amounts of healthy bacteria daily, most men require less than women due to lifestyle factors. This product contains 50 billion CFUs per pill and provides live cultures which can help boost immunity while also supporting digestion and absorption which may be compromised due to various issues such as poor diet or dehydration.

What is the best probiotic for children?

Probiotics are becoming increasingly popular among children as more parents begin to realize that this supplement can help boost immune function, improve digestion, and even support cognitive health. This product is made with organic ingredients so it does not contain any GMOs or preservatives which may be harmful to young ones so you can rest assured knowing your child is receiving the best formula possible for daily supplementation.

How many billion probiotics should I take?

This varies depending on various factors including the person’s age and overall health history. If you are concerned about a specific issue such as digestive discomfort, consider taking a daily supplement which has been designed to provide maximum benefits in minimal time with no side effects or other issues. This product contains 60 billion CFUs per pill, so it is perfect for those who want to improve their overall wellness.

What is the best vegan prebiotic?

Prebiotics come from plant-based fibers which boost immune function while also promoting regularity and digestion within the body. This product contains FOS or fructooligosaccharides derived from chicory root fiber which may help promote healthy flora throughout the gastrointestinal system with just one capsule per day.

Are probiotics a waste of money?

Unfortunately, not everyone’s body responds to probiotics due to various issues or age-related changes. If you are concerned that your body is not absorbing these healthy cultures effectively, consider taking a different product such as this one which contains lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium longum for maximum benefits with minimal side effects including gluten free formulas and no GMOs.


If you are looking for a way to boost your daily health with a supplement that contains prebiotics and probiotics, consider taking this product. It is made in the USA and provides maximum benefits with minimal side effects including gluten free formulas and no GMOs. While each person requires different concentrations of healthy bacteria daily, many men require less than women due to lifestyle factors so this product may be right for you as well!