Best Nose Hair Trimmer Consumer Reports

Best Nose Hair Trimmer Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

When it comes to personal grooming, one of the most sensitive areas is the nose. You want to make sure you’re taking care of your nose hair properly, and that’s where a nose hair trimmer comes in. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where Consumer Reports comes in. We’ve tested out all the best nose hair trimmers available to find which ones are worth your money. So read on for our top picks!

What is a Nose Hair Trimmer?

A nose hair trimmer is a small, handheld device with a long handle and a circular blade around the tip. It’s used to cut any unwanted nose hair that might get in your way of taking deep breaths through your nose, impeding your sense of smell, or getting in people’s way when you talk or smile. Nose hair can grow long and cause quite a bit of discomfort if it isn’t immediately taken care of.

Most Common Types of Nose Hair Trimmer:

Spring-loaded Scissors-style Trimmer:  Unique design that you can use to cut nose and ear hairs simply by snipping. They usually come with a few different combs to adjust the length of your hair, and often they’ll also include a small LED light near the tip so you can see even the finest hairs clearly.

Rotary Motor Trimmer: More powerful than spring-loaded trimmers, rotary motor trimmers feature a circular blade rotating at very high speeds to give you the most precise trim possible. Rotary motor trimmers are favored for their fast-cutting action and ability to be used in wet conditions without being damaged.

Scissors-style trimmer:  These work exactly how they sound. They have two top blades that are used to cut your nose hair, just like regular scissors. The big difference is that instead of the blades being connected, one moves up and down while the other remains still. This design gives you a much larger handle for better grip when cutting nose hairs.

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:  Ear and nose hair trimmers are basically the same thing, but they have a few extra features that make them more suitable for trimming ear hair. The most popular feature of these is the additional attachment that fits around your ear while you cut away any unwanted, curling hairs.

Foil guard trimmer: These trimmers are designed to cut hair that is right up against your skin, using the extra foil guard as protection so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. It works exactly like a regular rotary motor nose hair trimmer, but with the added safety feature of the foil guard.

What should you know about Nose Hair Trimmer?

Nose hair is not just unsightly, it’s also hazardous. Longnose hairs can clog your air passages and make it hard to breathe, or even freeze inside in cold weather! Besides being uncomfortable, long nose hairs pose a serious health risk. Nose hair traps dirt particles that you inhale each day, trapping harmful bacteria and allergens before they get deep into your respiratory system.

Over-Trimming:  It’s easy to get carried away with nose hair trimmers because you can’t always see how much is being cut off when you use them. However, trimming too much often leads to irritated skin and ingrown hairs that cause pimples, red bumps, itchiness, or bleeding after the fact. This is why it’s always recommended that you start slow and cut less each time.


A Good Nose Hair Trimmer: If you’re buying a nose hair trimmer, it should come with an adjustable guard for trimming different lengths of nose hairs easily. Something else to pay close attention to is the quality of the -blade- itself, as cheap blades will quickly get dull and won’t do a good job snipping your nose hairs.

Factors to Consider before buying Nose Hair Trimmer:

It’s not enough that a nose hair trimmer just works well; it must look good while working well. Part of what separates the best from the rest is their design. There are some things to look out for when trying to find your perfect match. The following factors should be considered while buying a nasal hair trimmer:

Price: Nose hair trimmers range from $10-$70, depending on the brand and aesthetic considerations. Like any other grooming tool, you get what you pay for in terms of build quality and longevity – so if your budget is under $20, don’t expect a good rotary motor or titanium blades.

The price range for high-quality nose hair trimmers varies from brand to brand as well as model to model. You should set your budget before shopping around so that it becomes easier for you to compare different products and choose the best one within your preferred price range.

Ease-of-Use:  Nose hair trimmers (and beard and body groomers) tend to fall into two general categories: Spring-loaded and rotary styled. The spring-loaded style works like a pair of scissors: two blades cut the hair, which you “scissor” across your nose, and they gather and cut. Rotary trimmers (the powered-rotating types) work like a weed whacker or electric razor: one blade spins quickly to chop up the hair as it passes over your skin.

Battery Life & Charging Time: Nose hair trimmer batteries range from 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours on a single charge. It’s important to consider how often you’ll be using this type of grooming tool, and what kind of battery life you’ll need at those times. If you need a long battery life so that it can be used for more than 1 trimming, then go with a trimmer that uses a powerful lithium-ion battery, like this one. If you only need 30 minutes between charges, then look for an affordable trimmer with the cheapest price point.

Other Considerations:  Nose hair trimmers come in several shapes and sizes – some are battery operated while others plug into the wall for power. Some models have additional features like adjustable trimming guards or LED display screens to indicate charge life left on the battery. Some nose hair trimmers even offer wet/dry options, letting you take them in the shower with you if desired. Look for these little extra features if they don’t raise your cost too much!

Design: The nose hair trimmer should be well-designed, ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip so that it can be held securely and firmly. It should also have a cleaning brush, good visibility to see the hairs as they are being cut, and luxuriously look well made.

Corded or Cordless: Nose hair trimmers are available in battery-operated and corded options. The battery option is better, as it is more powerful and flexible to use while traveling or walking. But for home use, a corded model can be used easily, and it also provides faster power than the portable models.

Guards: The guards of the nose hair trimmer should allow you to adjust the length of the cut easily. It should provide accurate results with just one pass over your skin. Look at the guard closely before making a purchase decision to get an idea about its performance. Some come with 1mm, 2mm, 3mm settings while others may have adjustable setting such as 0.5mm, 0.75mm & 1.2 mm, etc. If you have a thick growth of hair, you might require 3mm or more setting. For men with average or below average nose hair, the 2mm to 1mm setting should be perfect for use daily.

Brush Clean Feature: This feature is an added advantage as it helps you clean out the hairs lying around inside the trimmer head after every use. It reduces chances of germs and dirt building up inside which can cause disease.

Light: A light at the tip end of the trimmer is another good feature that some models offer which allows you to see ingrown hairs or cut them off easily.

Comfort: The nose hair trimmer should be designed in a way that is very easy to hold and use. If you have large hands, go for models which are not too small so that you can manage them easily. An ergonomically designed model with an anti-slip grip will suit best for men who have thick fingers.

Versatility: A good nose hair trimmer must do much more than just cut your hair inside the nostrils. Look at all its features before making a purchase decision. The best version should have these basic capabilities like trimming hairs on the face (chin, sideburns, etc.), around ears and neckline, eyebrows (if any), underarms, pubic, and even intimate areas if desired.

Maintenance: It is a great idea to look for a nose hair trimmer that comes with a cleaning brush. This makes it very easy to remove all the dust, hairs, and dirt from the blades after every use.

Power source: A powerful corded nose hair trimmer is best, but the battery-operated version may also do the trick for you. If you are trimming nose hair daily, then go for a powerful cordless version with long battery life.

Waterproof: This feature is not very common in nose hair trimmers, but it is good to look for if you tend to trim or cut your nose hairs while taking a shower. Most of the electrical grooming tools available today are not waterproof and cannot be used for this purpose easily.

Protective cap: A protective cap for covering the blade is another useful feature to check before making a purchase. It will protect the blades from getting damaged when it’s not in use and you can keep it inside your bag or luggage without worrying much about its safety.

Parts: Before buying a nose hair trimmer, ensure that all its parts such as blade guard, cleaning brush, protective cap, etc., are easily available at local stores so that they can be replaced quickly if damaged during trimming.

Accessory storage: If there is an accessory like an ear-hair trimmer or eyebrow shaper/trimmer attachment included with your nose hair trimmers, then choose models which come with a suitable storage pouch. This saves space and makes it easy to carry them with you while traveling.

Stainless steel blades: This is another very important feature to look for in a high-quality nose hair trimmer. Stainless steel blades are more durable and last longer than their ordinary counterparts, which are made of plastic or some other material. They are also rust-resistant, so they won’t get damaged that easily even if they meet water during washing or shaving.

Warranty: Check for the warranty period offered by the manufacturer before making your purchase decision. It should cover all parts of the grooming tool which can get damaged easily, including inner elements like the blade guard, protective cap, base charger bullet, etc., as well as outer body parts such as handle grip self-timer knob, etc. Look for a minimum guarantee period of 2 years.

Led light: If you are looking for a nose hair trimmer, then look for models which come with a built-in led light in the handle. This makes it easy to see and trim even the smallest and finest of hairs that grow inside your nostrils.

Tests: Nose hair trimmers should be tested before purchase by trying them on easily accessible areas like ears and underarms to ensure they don’t pull at hairs or cause any kind of discomfort during use.

Size:  The best nose hair trimmers tend to be compact and lightweight, with dimensions of around 2.5″ x 0.8″ x 1″. This makes it easy to grip and handle them even if your hands are large or wet due to shaving foam or water droplets on the surface of the skin.

Brands:  Choose a nose hair trimmer from a trusted brand which has been in the grooming tools market for many years and has earned name and fame with its innovative grooming solutions. Look for well-established brands like Philips, Panasonic, etc., when choosing your perfect nose hair trimmers.

Material: Nose hair trimmers which come with a storage pouch and can be used both wet and dry are the best choice. Models made entirely of stainless steel like Panasonic nose hair trimmers, for example, are more durable and last longer than those made of plastic or other materials.

The Pros and Cons of Nose Hair Trimmer:

The list of pros and cons for nose hair trimmers is listed below to help you analyze its effectiveness in your grooming purpose.


Compact and lightweight, can be carried and used easily while travelling and at home

Provides a suitable trimming solution for nose hairs as well as ear or eyebrow hair

With sufficient length settings available, it allows you to choose the level of trimming that is most suitable for your skin type. A longer setting means longer nasal hair protruding from the nostrils.


Nose hair trimmers can cause mild pain and discomfort if used roughly on sensitive skin. It is therefore necessary to handle the device with extreme care and pay utmost attention to your comfort while using it. Avoid applying excess pressure on it or using it for more than a few minutes at a time.


These tools can occasionally pull-out small amounts of hairs from inside the nose, resulting in temporary bleeding when shaving? To avoid this. You should thoroughly clean your nostrils with water before shaving.

The blades of nose hair trimmers are less durable than those used in scissors or electric shavers. This is because they are made from stainless steel which is easy to sharpen compared to other metals like ceramic, tungsten, etc. This causes the blade quality to deteriorate over time and may cause the device to become completely useless after 12 months or so of usage. These tools don’t work well with thick nose hairs, especially if they are curly or wavy in nature. If you want these devices to remove excess hair growth completely, then choose a model with sharp titanium blades which ensure better performance even on thicker nasal hair.


How does Nose Hair Trimmer work?

Nose Hair Trimmer operates like other haircutting and grooming tools for men. These devices contain stainless steel blades, which rotate at high speed to trim hairs that grow both inside and outside the nose. Some trimmers also come with extra-wide combs for those hard-to-reach areas.

How To Use a Nose Trimmer?

The right method for using nose hair trimmer is as follows:

Hold the device with both hands, one on either side of the tool. Make sure you have a firm grip and avoid using the device without holding it properly. This will reduce chances of you dropping or slipping off the device while using it, therefore keeping your hands and fingers free from injury

When trimming nose hair, take extra care to follow this procedure closely? It helps in avoiding pain and discomfort which may arise if hairs are pulled out from inside your nose instead of being cut down from outside. Ensure that you remove all visible signs of nasal hair growth before starting up the trimmer

While rotating nose hair trimmer clockwise, hold the outer casing slightly upwards to expose the tip of your nose. This is where all visible nasal hair growth should be trimmed

While trimming, don’t apply pressure on the device or apply excess tension on it as this could cause you to exert too much force resulting in discomfort and pain

When removing nasal hair, rotate it counterclockwise till you reach the base of your nostrils. Then proceed upwards towards your forehead while gently applying slight pressure for best results

What to Expect After Using Nose Hair Trimmers?

After using a nose trimmer to remove excess nasal hair, clean up all residues present inside and around the outer part of your nose with a damp cloth or tissue paper. You should also wash off any traces of blood that may have appeared if any hairs were pulled instead of being cut.

How to Prevent Injuries from Nose Hair Trimmers?

When using nose hair trimmers, you should avoid pulling hairs from inside your nose or brow area. If any visible hair growth needs to be removed from the nose, then ensure you trim them with a pair of sharp scissors first to get rid of tough and resilient strands before reaching for a trimmer. This way will help in avoiding unnecessary pain and discomfort while using Oster ear or eyebrow trimmer. You should also avoid sticking the tip of the device inside your nostrils which may lead to injury if not used carefully. You must read the user manual carefully before using this tool for its intended purpose.

Who are these nose hair trimmers for?

Nose hair trimmers are designed to help men groom themselves better and feel more confident about their appearance. They are suitable for people who want to keep their nostrils clean without subjecting them to the regular waxing, plucking, threading, or shaving method which can leave skin dry and sensitive. Hair growing inside the nose can also lead to sinus infections if not removed regularly so you must invest in a good quality nose hair trimmer today.

Why are nose hair trimmers necessary?

Using a good quality Oster nose hair trimmer regularly can reduce the chances of you contracting sinusitis while also helping you to achieve an overall well-groomed appearance. This is not only important for your own personal grooming but will also help in improving your self-confidence levels even further. After all, nobody likes having hairs sprouting out from inside their noses or above their brows!

Is it safe to use a nose trimmer?

Yes, it is safe to use a nose hair trimmer because the blades are designed with rounded tips to prevent you from getting hurt while using it. These are different from other grooming tools available in the market which have pointed tips that may fall off or cause injury to your forehead or eye area. You should also take special care when removing nasal hair as pointed devices can easily puncture your skin if used insensitively. Although you must hold them carefully, they are very easy to handle and will help you achieve professional results every time you groom yourself at home even though this might be your first time ever!

How often should I use my nose trimmer?

It is best if you schedule an appointment with your aesthetician monthly to get rid of nasal hair. However, if this isn’t possible you can also achieve similar results by using a nose hair trimmer once every 15 days or so. You must ensure to use it regularly as this will help prevent the growth of excess hair and keep your nostrils always looking clean and healthy.

Do I need to apply any kind of creams or gels before using these devices?

No, there’s no need for you to use any kind of cream or gel on your skin before trimming the visible hairs from inside your nose because they have been designed with rounded tips which won’t hurt you even if used insensitively. These trimmers can easily remove unwanted facial and nasal hair without causing any irritation whatsoever and should be used by men of all ages who want to feel confident about their appearance.

How can I know if the trimmer is properly lubricated?

You must make sure that the trimmer is properly lubricated before using it on your skin as this will help prevent injuries from occurring. If you notice any kind of dust or powder residue around the blades, then simply wipe them with a dry cloth before carefully removing excess hair from inside your nose so as not to cause any cuts, bruises, or other injuries. You must always read and follow user instructions carefully before using these devices for their intended purpose which will help ensure they are safe to use every time without harming your skin in any way.

What are the Benefits of Nose Hair Trimmer?

There are many benefits of owning a nose hair trimmer:

 They trim away excess or unneeded nasal hair, which is especially important if the hairs block your nostrils, and you have difficulty breathing.

They clean up excess facial hair and dirt that accumulates in your nasal passages.

Blood circulation to your face is improved by allowing unobstructed breathing through your nostrils.

You will feel more confident about yourself knowing you look well-groomed and attractive.

The sensation of having fresh air passing through your nasal passages will be invigorating and you will breathe easier knowing your nose is free from excess hairs.

Your self-esteem will rise, and you may enjoy better social interactions by feeling better about yourself in general since you look well-groomed and clean.

You’ll avoid embarrassing situations when the hairs grow to such an extent that they show above the nostrils, especially if it occurs during a date or close encounter with someone special.  


Nose hair trimmers offer an easy way to keep your nasal area free from long fine hair growths which can lead to many health issues if not removed regularly. They also help improve the appearance of your face, so using them daily is highly recommended. All in all, nose hair trimmers are easy to use and very affordable so you should try one out for yourself if you’re looking for a way to keep your nostrils clean and free from excess nasal hair.