Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Consumer Reports

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

It’s no secret that applying makeup can be a tricky process. The right tools make all the difference, and one of the most important tools is a good lighted makeup mirror. A quality lighted makeup mirror will help you apply your makeup flawlessly, every time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best lighted makeup mirrors, based on consumer reports. Whether you’re looking for a vanity mirror or something more portable, we have you covered. Keep reading to find the perfect lighted makeup mirror for your needs!

What is a lighted makeup mirror?

Lighted makeup mirrors are mirrors that include small, built-in lights. These light bulbs provide natural light that allows you to see your entire face at once, which is important when applying makeup. It’s very difficult to apply makeup evenly or on smaller areas of the face without good lighting–a quality lighted mirror eliminates this issue by providing bright, even lighting on your whole face. Not sure if a lighted mirror is for you? We’ve included some unlighted options as well!

Most Common Types of lighted makeup mirror:

Floor-Standing: Floor standing lighted makeup mirrors are great for making sure you get the full picture. This type of mirror provides a large, comprehensive view and is perfect if there’s not enough room on your vanity or desk to set out multiple mirrors. Standing makeup mirrors can be placed …

Table Top: Table top mirrors are typically very small in size, which makes them easy to store when not in use. They’re also lightweight and much more portable than their larger counterparts. Great for travel! However, due to their size, table top mirrors aren’t ideal for everyday use–a regular mirror often gets the job done better.

Wall Mounted: Wall mounted lighted makeup mirrors provide a sleek look in any bathroom or bedroom. They’re typically more affordable than other lighted makeup mirrors, so if you have a limited budget, a wall mounted mirror may be the right choice for you.

Factors to Consider before buying lighted makeup mirror:

Height: When shopping for a lighted makeup mirror, be sure that the height of the mirror is adjustable. You want to have full control over where you can see yourself in the mirror. Some makeup tables allow you to adjust the height of the tabletop itself, while others require you to adjust the height of the mirror itself with a small crank or knob on the back.

Lighting: Lighting is arguably one of most important factors when choosing a lighted makeup mirror. Make sure that your desired mirror includes lighting around all four sides/corners of the frame for optimal viewing angles–this will ensure that no matter how many different angles you look from, you’ll still be able to see everything clearly. If possible, also try to find a mirror with natural or pure lighting. This type of lighting is the most realistic and accurately reflects the color of your face, so it’s perfect for makeup application.

Mirror Quality/Type: When buying a lighted makeup mirror, also consider what type of mirror you are getting. Makeup mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are reflective glass while others are magnified or have LED lights built into them instead of traditional bulbs. If you’re shopping on a budget but still want to buy a good quality product, remember that sometimes mirrors with less features provide more value overall!

Size:  The last thing you want is your mirror taking up too much space on your vanity or makeup table. Make sure that the size of the mirror you’re purchasing fits in with everything else on your table! If it doesn’t, be sure to shop around for some smaller sized options.

Price: This is where things get tricky. Just because you find an amazing lighted makeup mirror doesn’t mean that it’s worth every penny. Be honest with yourself about how often you’ll use the mirror and how important it is to have lighting attached to it before buying. If you will need/want a lot of control over where the lighting comes from, make sure to buy a model with directional lights attached to give yourself enough room for application. If this isn’t a necessary factor for you, there are some mirrors out there that simply use LEDs or regular bulbs in all directions around the frame. This provides great overall lighting but may not offer as much control over directional light.


Conair Corporation: The Conair Corporation has been around since 1959 and is well known in the beauty industry for their wide variety of products ranging from curling irons to hairbrushes to men’s shavers. They also produce many different types of makeup mirror products including tabletop , wall mounted, floor standing, travel size, and vanity mirrors .

Soleil Domestique: The Soleil Domestique Company specializes in producing lighted makeup mirrors and related products. They offer a wide variety of different types of mirrors, including travel size versions (perfect for on the go), tabletop versions (ideal for everyday use) and wall mounted varieties that attach to your existing mirror or medicine cabinet.

Zadro:  Zadro is another well-known company that has been around since 1999 specializing in lighted mirrors and other cosmetics accessories. Their product line includes several different types of mirrors ranging from tabletop options to wall mounted and LED models.

Waxvac: WaxVac is an up-and-coming company which focuses specifically on hygiene related products such as earwax vacuums and nasal hair trimmers. They are now branching out to include lighted makeup mirrors in their product line.

LED: LED stands for light emitting diode, which is a semiconductor that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. LEDs provide a very bright and realistic lighting system all around the mirror frame. LEDs also tend to last much longer than regular bulbs or halogen lights.

Bulb/halogen: A bulb or halogen system provides a nice overall lighting arrangement but may not be as bright as LEDs. Bulbs can burn out with normal use, so you’ll have to regularly check your mirror’s warranty policy just in case replacement costs are high.

Halogen: Halogen lighting uses tungsten filaments (wires) inside the bulb, like old fashioned lamps. They tend to give off a warm bluish- yellowish light, which is very similar to sun light. Halogen lights provide great overall lighting for makeup application but may not be as bright as LED models.

Light Color:  This factor is just a personal preference, but there are some colors that work better than others when applying makeup. For instance, a mirror with a warmer color tone will give off a more natural and realistic vibe for everyday makeup application, while cooler tones can be great for removing dark circles or highlighting areas of the face.

Warm White/ Yellow: These mirrors have a natural looking glow and provide great lighting for most day-to-day applications.

Cool White/ Blue:   Mirrors with this type of color tend to replicate natural sunlight the best, so may be great for highlighting darker areas or reducing dark circles if you are an early bird.

Convenience: This is a big factor that may not have been previously considered. For example, some models may come with built in battery packs which are great for on the go use, while others do not offer this option. It just depends on what you’re looking for and what your priorities are.

Great magnification:  The final factor is magnification, which can come in many different degrees such as 1x, 2x or 3x. Typically the higher degree magnifications are better for ‘closer’ details like tweezing but can be difficult to use on your whole face since they require you to get so close to the mirror.

2-5 times magnification: These mirrors are typically small and may not provide very clear images. They are fine for most everyday application, but high-quality models provide much better detail.

5-10 times magnification: This level of magnification is perfect for applying makeup quickly and easily whether it’s your full face or just your favorite eye shadow color.

Above 10X: Mirror s that have a magnification level of 10x or more are perfect for applying makeup to the ‘nail’ level. However, these mirrors can be difficult to use since you must get so close.

Space-saving:  Mirrors that have a slim design can be great, but some use mirrors as a selling point. This is not so much the case with vanity makeup mirrors, but you should still be cautious since space-saving models may come with an adjustable height level which can provide better flexibility and convenience.

Reduces mistakes:  Some vanity makeup mirrors reduce mistakes by including grid lines, bubbles or special lighting which can help you to apply makeup more precisely. For example, some models allow for light reflection at angles to provide the perfect lighting for tweezing eyebrows.

Extra features: Foundation spills are a common problem when applying makeup in front of a mirror that is not attached to the wall. The best solution for this problem is to purchase one that offers adhesives so you can simply attach it to your wall and save yourself from awkward cleanups. If this is not ideal, then try looking for one with an extra sturdy base so it does not move around as much during application. 

Another thing to consider is whether your mirror comes with a warranty, and for how long. This can be very useful if something happens to your mirror, or you need it replaced but try to make sure that the warranty is valid in your home country since some of them will not cover international damage.

Design: Makeup mirrors can come with a variety of designs and colors. Some may be perfect for your bedroom, your bathroom or even your office. If you’re picky about where you want to keep it, then consider whether it will go well with the rest of the room’s decor.

Timer: This is not necessary but is useful for those that are always running out of time and need to make things quick and easy. Most models will either include this feature as an integrated part of the mirror (usually in the form of a digital clock) or provide a built-in timer which you can attach with velcro or something similar. A cool thing about these types of timers is they usually connect to promotional sticker on the back of the mirror which you can throw out once you’ve used all its product samples.

Warranty:   Another great feature to look for is a warranty. Not only will this provide you with extra protection just in case something happens, but it can also give you piece of mind that your purchase is being covered.

Power Source: The power source is also something you should consider. Many models will need to be plugged into an outlet since they can produce a lot of heat and require more energy. Some of the newer models that have LED lights embedded in them instead of standard bulbs do not need as much power and only use it for lighting purposes but may create less light than their counterparts.

Assembly: This may not seem important at first but can play a role in how practical your mirror is. Most models will only require you to assemble the exterior features like the base and the arm, but some of them require very involved assembly which can be time consuming.


Material: Mirrors usually come in one of two materials: metal or plastic/acrylic. Metal mirrors are usually sturdier and stable but can be difficult to transport from place to place. Plastic mirrors on the other hand are less sturdy, but easy to move around when necessary. If you travel a lot or need your mirror to go with you, then it may be best for you to invest in a plastic model so that it allows you to take it with you wherever you go without too much hassle. Another difference between these two kinds of models is weight. Metal mirrors tend to be heavier than their counterparts since they need strong support beams underneath them. This means that finding the perfect spot where the light will not obstruct your view can become problematic when you have a metal mirror but is not as much of an issue with plastic mirrors since they tend to be lighter. 

The Pros and cons of lighted makeup mirror:


They can provide more light than non-lighted models.

If they connect to an outlet, you don’t have to change the batteries as often and they will always be ready when you need them.


Since they require a higher amount of power, they may heat up quickly and cause damage if left on for too long.

If you need to move it, the weight may make it difficult to transport.


How do lighted makeup mirror work?

Lighted makeup mirror either come with a built-in bulb or an attached cord which allows you to plug it into an outlet. They usually have a switch and higher-end models will also come with a timer so that you can save energy and avoid overheating.

What is the best lighted makeup mirror?

There are many kinds of mirrors that were made with different materials, designs, sizes, and functions (ex: travel size, double sided). Because of this, there really isn’t one specific product that stands out as the very best among them all since they each serve their own unique purpose.

How do I clean my lighted makeup mirror?

On most models, the glass will be coated in lacquer or other protective material which can be easily washed off with a bit of warm water and soap. If you have a mirror that uses bulbs, then it’s best to use a duster to wipe away any debris that may have accumulated after extended use.

What are the benefits of lighted makeup mirror?

Lighted makeup mirrors allow you to see your face in detail when applying makeup, which can decrease the amount of time it takes for you to apply your look. The best lighted makeup mirrors will also last for many years without losing their effectiveness! We’ve included both cordless and corded options on our list, so you can choose whatever style fits your needs best.

How do I set up my makeup mirror?

Before setting up the lighted make-up mirror, make sure to check for scratches and cracks since they will become magnified under the magnification of your new mirror. This is especially important if you opt for a lighted model as any blemishes or scratches will show up far more than on standard mirrors. After making sure there are no imperfections in the glass, take the time to place it where you want, whether it’s at your countertop or at your dressing table. This will require you to either attach the mirror to a base or find a way to hold it up against a wall. Once that’s done, plug it in and enjoy your newly found makeup mirror!

How is a lighted mirror different from a regular one?

Regular mirrors usually provide more than enough light and do not require any attachments to an outlet. A lighted makeup mirror on the other hand will be able to provide you with better lighting but may cause damage if used for too long.

Should I invest in a wall-mounted unit or just go with a table model?

There are many pros and cons to both that really depend on your needs and preferences. If you like having easy access to it throughout the day, then a table model would probably work best for you. On the other hand, if you need something temporary, then wall-mounted ones can create less problems. It’s a good idea to think about what kind of mirror you need and then go from there.

Is lighted makeup mirror safe?

This really depends on the quality of the product and how you use it. If you follow all the safety precautions and make sure to turn off your mirror when not in use, then it should pose little if any risk since most models will automatically shut off after a few minutes of non-use.  

When should I replace lighted makeup mirror bulb?

If your LED or CFL model isn’t bright enough to use, then it might be time to replace the bulb with a new one. Once you do that, you can switch it on and enjoy having the mirror back!

What is halogen lighted makeup mirror bulbs?

Halogen lighted makeup mirror bulbs provide certain benefits over other types of bulbs such as allowing them to emit more intense lighting without too much heat being produced.

How often should I change my makeup mirror bulb?

Since they have a longer lifespan than normal incandescent models, you may only need to replace them once every few years. It also depends on how often you use your unit since frequent usage will cause the bulb to burn out faster. If your model has more than one bulb, then make sure to replace them all at the same time.

What is LED makeup mirror?

LED makeup mirrors are battery-powered lights that can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a clip-on attachment for standard mirrors. They provide their own light so there’s no need to plug it in anywhere which makes them very easy to use wherever you go. There are also different settings available depending on how much or little light you need for whatever activity might be taking place.

What is a tabletop vanity mirror with lights?

Tabletop vanity mirrors with lights have a base where at least two bulbs will be positioned allowing you to see your face from almost any angle without having to worry about positioning the mirror just right. Since there will be two bulbs, this unit may not be very portable and needs to stay plugged in most of the time.

What is a travel mirror with lights?

Often smaller than standard mirrors, these can be used on the go and sometimes come with different attachments such as magnifying lenses and makeup compartments. They also tend to need batteries, so you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet just to use your mirror when out somewhere!

How do I buy a lighted makeup mirror?

There are many options available to choose from and it really depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for something that’s travel-friendly, then a compact mirror might be best suited for your needs. On the other hand, if you need something stationary, then wall-mounted ones may be better equipped to serve as both a traditional mirror and a lighted one which can make them more versatile depending on what type of activity you need it for.

Is lighted makeup mirror worth buying?

Lighted makeup mirrors help you get a better view of what you’re looking at and can be useful for applying makeup as well as other times when you need to see yourself clearly. Since there are many different types available, you should look around and find one that suits your needs the best.

How can I find out how much electricity my lighted makeup mirror uses?

 If your lighted makeup mirror has a typical incandescent bulb, then you can use the wattage listed on it to figure out how much power it uses. The wattage given for these models is usually listed in watts per hour (W/hr.), so if your unit is 40 W/hr., then you would be able to know that it will consume 160 kWh of electricity annually.  

Do I need more than one magnification setting in my lighted makeup mirror?

While it does help to have a lighted makeup mirror with more than one magnification setting, it probably won’t be necessary. If you’re going to be using the mirror for a stationary activity such as applying makeup, then a higher magnification will allow you to see everything in close detail which can improve your overall experience!

What is magnification lighted makeup mirror?

These models have magnification features built-in which allow you to apply makeup more accurately and see any potential flaws. They’re also great for people who need help applying makeup on their most challenging area which is often the eyelid. 

How do you use a magnifying mirror?

Using a magnifying mirror is simple since all you must do is find one that has been designed with the right settings and position yourself in front of it so you can get a clear view. Since they are ideal for activities such as doing your eye makeup or plucking hairs, having this type of lighting can make things much easier when compared with other types of mirrors!


Lighted makeup mirrors provide additional light that can be used for a variety of activities such as applying makeup and fixing your hair. Whether you’re going on a trip or just want one that’s more mobile, compact versions might be best suited for your needs. For stationary activities, then tabletop vanity mirrors with lights are great since they give you the ability to see various angles clearly without having to move around too much! Whatever it is that you may need, there are many options available so just look around and find one that works well for you!