Best Foot Massager Consumer Reports

Best Foot Massager Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and tension in your feet, a foot massager may be the answer. Everyone loves a good foot massage, but what is the best foot massager for you? Consumer Reports has your answer. Read on to learn about the different types of foot massagers and find the one that is right for you. Depending on your needs, there is a perfect foot massager for everyone. Whether you are looking for a handheld or full-body massager, there is something out there that will suit your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a foot massager?

A foot massager is a machine that releases tension in your feet, often used to give yourself a mini massage. Foot massagers come in all shapes and sizes; some are attached to the wall while others can be handheld or free standing. Some products may look like simple rollers, while others look like an actual massage chair. Some even come with heat settings for extra relaxation. No matter what you are looking for in a foot massager, there is something out there that will suit your needs.

Most Common Types of foot massager:

Types of foot massagers

Wall-mounted/floor-standing styles: A popular style of foot massager includes two rollers on either side of the unit that rotate towards one another when activated by the user pressing down with their feet.

Tower styles: Like wall-mounted models, these foot massagers are designed to be used with your hands. This style of massager allows the user to activate the rollers with their hands, simply pushing down on them for a relaxing massage.

Handheld types: This type of foot massager allows you to easily switch the speeds and angles of the rollers for customizable use. Popular handheld styles include basic stationary options as well as more complex designs that allow you to control various aspects of the unit.

Chair types: Some foot massagers sit on top of chairs or couches; this is an ideal choice if you want something that can be moved between rooms or carried around your house rather than placed in one specific room.

Cushions: Foot massagers can also come with cushions, offering more comfort than some other options on the market. Cushioned options are typically more expensive; however, they do provide more support for your feet.

Factors to Consider before buying foot massager

What should you know about foot massages?

Heat settings: Most foot massagers have a heat setting that will warm the rollers to help increase blood flow and relax your muscles. If you are looking for an infrared foot massager, make sure it is an FDA-approved type.


Size of unit: Measure the area where you plan on placing your massager before buying one; make sure the size is right for your home or office.

Remote controls: Some products include remote controls for easier operation when using a foot massager device. This feature helps reduce discomfort by allowing users to change settings with only one hand instead of two; remotes usually have an LCD screen that shows product modes and intensity levels so it’s easy to adjust results as needed.

Massage methods: There are several different types of massage styles available when using most types of foot massagers. Circular, vibrating, kneading, rolling, and pounding are some common types of massage methods used in foot massagers.

Massage intensity settings: Most tested units have multiple speed options to choose from when the rollers begin moving. Most products also feature automatic shut-off timers that can range from anywhere between five to thirty minutes after use is initiated.

Price tags: Massagers can cost anywhere between $25 to over $300 depending on brand and model; make sure you read all reviews before making a final decision on which product is right for you.

Warranty: When buying online, make sure you read the fine print regarding warranties before making a final purchase. Some brands offer a limited warranty on some models; others may not offer any warranty at all.

Design: Check the design of your product before making a final purchase to ensure you are satisfied with its look and feel. When in doubt, check customer reviews to get details on how other buyers felt about aspects related to appearance or build quality.

Additional features: Make sure that your chosen foot massagers come equipped with the additional features that will provide you with added benefits while using them. Features like adjustable seats can increase convenience for some consumers while smart sensors may be more suitable for others.

Design: Handheld options are great for those who want to be flexible about where they use the unit. Massage chairs are good if you plan on placing them in one specific room of your house. Cushioned options are typically more expensive, but they do provide added comfort when used for extended periods.

Heating function: Many foot massagers have a heating feature that helps increase circulation so cold feet feel warm again after use. Some types of units have built-in infrared heaters while others simply have a basic machine with heated rollers so make sure to read reviews carefully before making a final decision about the type of product to buy.

Peak trial run lengths: Keep in mind that trial run lengths vary by brand and model; some machines only require five minutes while others may last up to thirty minutes or more depending on settings and features. When testing new products out, make sure to know what the trial run lengths are so you can decide if it is worth buying or not.

Multiple speed modes: Most foot massagers have multiple speed modes to choose from; this allows users to adjust the intensity of their message before, during, and after use for optimal satisfaction. Massage modes can be adjusted around three to fifteen minutes depending on which product you purchase. If you want a stronger massage, check online reviews first to find brands that are known for providing lower intensity settings.

Material quality: When shopping for foot massagers, make sure that your chosen product has durable materials that will stand up against daily wear and tear over time. Some models are made with flimsy materials that break down quickly others are designed with powerful rollers and adjustable frames for optimal results.

Charging: Most foot massagers can be charged using a USB cord or wall charger; make sure your product is compatible with your gadget’s power source before you buy it. Some models also have external chargers that are sold separately so keep an eye out for this if you want to avoid needing multiple devices to keep the unit always powered.

Size of rollers: The size of the rollers on any given machine is important because they help determine how much comfort you will enjoy during use. Rollers that are too small may not provide enough deep tissue massage while those that are too large might result in discomfort when used by people who have sensitive feet.

Waterproof: Some foot massagers are designed to be used in the shower so they can be washed easily after use. If you plan on using your product with water, it must be designed to withstand moisture and humidity without sustaining damage.

Dual motors: Dual motor options provide more power across multiple parts of the feet for stronger results when using a foot massager machine. Most affordable products come equipped with single motors while those that cost more tend to have double motors for optimal handling over time.

Charging: Most foot massagers can be charged using a USB cord or wall charger; make sure your product is compatible with your gadget’s power source before you buy it. Some models also have external chargers that are sold separately so keep an eye out for this if you want to avoid needing multiple devices to keep the unit always powered.

Reflexology: Higher-end machines often have a reflexology function that provides pressure on specific areas of the foot via the rollers. This type of treatment is designed to help users relax more easily, which can increase satisfaction over time.

Automatic Shut-Off: Automatic shut-off is important for safety purposes if you plan on using your product before bed. This feature turns the foot massager off after a certain amount of time, so it does not cause damage or problems when left unattended.

Batteries: Products that are run by batteries might require more maintenance because they lack an external power source; make sure these options are rechargeable if possible so you can avoid spending extra money on new batteries down the road.

Weight of machine: The weight of the foot massager should be considered before making any purchases because it can make a big difference when you are using your unit frequently. The weight that is too heavy might become difficult for some users to move around, while lighter options are easier to transport between rooms or even take on vacation if necessary.

Anti-slip Rubber Holders: Anti-slip rubber holders are important if you plan on using your foot massager on a slippery surface because they help the device stay in place while being moved around. These features keep the product from sliding all over your floor or falling off of the edge of a table during use.

Removable Cushion Cover: The cushion cover of a foot massager is important for cleaning purposes because it can be removed and washed in the sink, dishwasher, or washing machine depending on its material. Removable cushion covers make it much easier to keep your product clean after each use.

Comfortable: Most people buy a foot massager to relax their feet and reduce the amount of stress they feel throughout their body; comfortable products provide more benefits than those that are difficult to use over time. Make sure the features on your device do not produce discomfort during use so you can enjoy better relaxation when at home.

Adjustable Angle Rollers: Foot massagers that have adjustable angle rollers are important for effective treatment because they can be angled towards individual parts of the foot. This is a good feature to look out for if you want to target certain body areas without spending too much time with your device.

Efficiency: The efficiency of a foot massager should be determined before purchasing because this will help you choose between products that may provide similar features or use cases. Higher-rated units are typically more efficient because they are easy to use and provide better relaxation overall.

Pulse Massage Function: Some models of foot massagers include pulse massage – or vibration – a function that aids in relaxation by providing additional pressure to the feet while the unit is being moved around. This feature can make it easier to get rid of tension over time when used regularly.

Portability: Portability is one of the biggest pros of owning a foot massager because they are relatively small and easy to take with you when traveling or moving between rooms. You can also put your massager in storage for longer periods without hassle, which makes it easier to keep your unit clean before setting it up again later.

Ease of Use: Foot massagers are designed to be simple and effective so that anyone can use them without having any previous knowledge or skills; this makes these products great options for people who want relief after coming home from work or even athletes who need better blood circulation throughout their body.

The Pros and Cons of foot massager:


Relaxes and helps to improve blood flow.

Prevents aches and pains in soles of feet.

Improves the quality of sleep by reducing fatigue


Can be heavy on ankles if they are not strapped down properly.

Some rollers do not rotate, which can be disappointing for people hoping to use vibration technology during massages.

The cost is higher than some other similar products due to the name brand behind this device.


How does a foot massager work?

Massagers use vibrating and rolling methods to provide deep relaxation and pain relief to tired feet. Most vibrating models provide a gentle massage that uses either vibration or pulsing technology to sooth the pain points in the soles of feet. Rolling massagers use rollers and cushions to target specific areas of the foot as they are moved around over them.

How long should the device be used for?

The time it takes to feel the effects from a foot massager vary by person, but it is generally recommended that you spend 15-20 minutes with your unit each day if you want to feel better after using it regularly. Using a foot massager for too long can cause fatigue and muscle aches because these devices give off vibrations during use – which stimulates blood flow to improve circulation directly underfoot

How often should I replace my unit?

Most foot massagers last for at least 5 years and the quality of materials used in their construction is a major factor when it comes to how long they will last. You can get more life out of your unit by following manufacturer instructions about cleaning and storage, which improve the durability of your device over time.

Can I use a foot massager on both feet?

Yes, you can use the product on both feet to experience added comfort while standing or sitting at home or in your office. Some products come with an adjustable seat so you can maximize convenience when using them.

What kind of heat settings should I look for?

Most modern units have heat settings that will warm up the rollers before they start moving; this feature is great if you plan on standing or sitting while using the unit without shoes on.

You should also look for temperature controls that are designed to be safe and secure enough for regular use.

What are the benefits of a foot massager?

The main benefit is that they relax tired feet to increase blood flow over time. Massagers also improve flexibility and reduce pain in the soles of feet after regular use because pressure points are targeted by moving rollers or vibrating technology. Foot massages can also help with plantar fasciitis relief, which causes heel pain when ligaments in the bottom of your foot become inflamed due to prolonged standing or walking on hard surfaces.

How do you use a foot massager?

Follow these steps to get the most comfort when using this product:

Sit with feet on the unit.

Adjust intensity levels according to your preference.

Place hands under the soles of your feet if you are not wearing shoes before turning them on.

Plugin the device into a power outlet and switch it on to start using it.

Are foot massagers good for people with diabetes?

People who suffer from diabetes should consult with their doctor before using a foot massager to decide whether it is right for their specific health conditions. Preventing inflammation around your feet by improving blood flow and reducing fatigue after use can help you avoid injuries or further complications related to prolonged standing or walking on hard surfaces.

If I have plantar fasciitis, will this product help me?

Yes, this device is suitable for people with plantar fasciitis when used regularly – especially if you combine it with rest, physical therapy exercises, and wearing supportive shoes that do not put too much pressure on the soles of your feet.

Is this product for people who are on their feet all day at work?

Yes, if you spend several hours standing or walking every day it is recommended that you use a foot massager to reduce fatigue and pain in the soles of your feet.

Can I use a foot massager when pedicuring?

Yes, you can make appointments with your local spa to get your feet cleaned and massaged while still using the device after they have been treated. This makes it easier to enhance relief from foot problems by switching between products during treatment.

Are there any precautions about how to use a foot massager?

You should check that you do not feel intense discomfort while standing or sitting turning the unit on because it can mean that you need to lower the intensity of vibration settings.

You should also use the product regularly and avoid standing or sitting on it for too long because this can cause swelling in your feet.

Are there any precautions about where I can place a foot massager?

It is important to plug them into power outlets and make sure they are safely placed near furniture before using them; this prevents injuries related to electrical accidents when you step on devices with their cords underfoot.

How many hours per day can I use a foot massager?

Many units have timers that will automatically shut off after 10 or 15 minutes, so you should only stand or sit on them for as long as is comfortable each time you use them.

People who spend time on their feet for several hours every day may find it easier to relieve pain and stiffness by using a foot massager two or three times per day.

Can I use this product if I have big feet?

Almost all models can accommodate people with large feet regardless of shoe size, so you do not have to worry about being unable to fit your usual footwear while using them. You should check that the device is large enough before buying one because some less expensive options are made exclusively for small-framed people.

What size should I look for in a foot massager?

In most cases, the dimensions of this type of unit will be described in its description or specifications section because there are models that are made to fit people of all shoe sizes.

If you still cannot find the right size, you should compare the circumference of your feet with measurements that are usually written on product descriptions or specifications before buying one because this will help you avoid purchasing the wrong model for your body type.

Are foot massagers safe?

Yes, if they have been approved by local and federal safety regulations, they are very safe. Almost all units have been manufactured according to these laws so you can expect them to be completely safe only if they have been checked over thoroughly.

Who needs a foot massager?

Everyone’s feet deserve some TLC now and then. If you spend most of your day on your feet or simply want to pamper yourself occasionally, investing in a foot massager is one way to make yourself feel better. Whether you suffer from sore feet due to arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or plantar fasciitis, or just like giving yourself regular foot massages at home after work each day, there is a massaging option out there for you. There are foot massagers for men and women, children, people with diabetes or chronic pain problems who live alone or have spouses who travel a lot, athletes, and even pregnant women. For those looking to find the best foot massager on the market right now, here are ten different types of models that caught our eye to help you make an informed decision when choosing which one is best suited to your needs.

Are electric foot massagers good for preventing foot ulcers?

In addition to being an excellent way to relax and pamper yourself, foot massagers can also be a good tool for people with diabetes or other conditions that increase their risk of ulceration, because they stimulate the feet and encourage blood circulation. In fact, some studies have found that regular foot massage therapy is just as effective in preventing ulcers as compression bandages.

Is there a difference between how men and women use foot massagers?

Although both sexes sometimes struggle with sore muscles after long days on their feet at work or simply from standing up for too long while cooking or cleaning around the house during the weekend, different people often prefer slightly different types of massage styles when using this type of product. Women often like all-over foot massages, while men prefer targeted techniques.

Are older people the only ones who can benefit from using a foot massager?

This type of product is not just for the elderly or those suffering from other conditions that require at-home care and medical treatment. Almost anyone can take advantage of this type of technology to relieve pain and muscle stiffness in their lower limbs, so it makes a great gift for family members or friends who have been going through minor health problems recently due to age or an accident they experienced.

Is it safe for pregnant women to use an electric massager?

Yes, if the unit has been designed to provide relief for all parts of your lower limbs without putting too much pressure on your stomach or uterus, this kind of treatment is very safe. However, pregnant women should always check with their doctor first before using this type of product because their symptoms can evolve throughout gestation.

Is it better for older people to use foot massagers than younger people?

Most medical experts recommend that young adults and children do not use electric foot massagers because they are still growing at that age and some pieces may not fit them correctly. While the same thing applies to seniors who have had major surgery after living a long life filled with activity until they reached retirement age, experts agree that this type of therapy is very helpful to older people who struggle with chronic pain problems in their lower limbs, such as arthritis.

Are foot massagers good for reducing fatigue?

Yes, most medical professionals recommend this type of treatment because it increases blood circulation in the legs and feet, which has an energizing effect on your body after a long day at work or while running errands throughout town. For many users, these machines have been known to decrease feelings of tiredness and increase energy levels so they can do other things after using one at home before going out again.


Electric foot massagers are a great way to relax and pamper yourself after a long day, as well as an effective tool for those with health problems who need to be careful about their daily routine. Whether you want an all-over body massage or something that focuses on the soles of your feet only, several styles are available depending on your needs and preferences.

Electrotherapy is based on the principle that applying electrical current to skin produces beneficial effects by stimulating nerves and muscles through the skin surface. This allows medical professionals to control pain, decrease muscle spasms and cramps, improve blood flow in small vessels, reduce inflammation, flush toxins from injured tissues and enhance tissue repair after an injury occurs. It also helps combat stiffness caused by age, arthritis, and other conditions.

In most cases, electrical current is applied using a device that is safe, easy to use and efficient in the hands of a trained professional or an experienced user with healthy skin. In addition to its therapeutic applications, this technology is also used for rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries to speed up healing and recover damaged muscle tissue while reducing swelling and pain without chemicals or invasive procedures.