Best Beard Trimmer Consumer Reports

Best Beard Trimmer Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

Beard trimmers can be a great way to keep your beard looking tidy, and there are a lot of them on the market. How do you know which one is the best for you? Check out some of the top beard trimmer consumer reports to get an idea of what’s available. Each report takes different factors into account, so you can be sure to find the right one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a versatile trimmer that can do it all or something specific like a trimmer with a vacuum feature, these reports will help narrow down your choices. So, look and find the perfect beard trimmer for you!

What is a beard trimmer consumer?

A beard trimmer is a type of hair clipper that has been designed for use on (usually) your face. Beards, mustaches, and sideburns are the most common types of facial hair that these can be used on, though some people also like to give their eyebrows a trim occasionally. It’s important to note here that they aren’t meant to replace the blade-based razors you might use for shaving your face or head. These razors can be dangerous if they’re not treated with care so you should leave them to someone who knows how to use them!

Most Common Types of beard trimmer:

There are several different types of trimmers to choose from. Some have adjustable blades and settings that let you pick the kind of cut you want, meaning that they can be used for a variety of purposes. There are specific models meant just to give you a close shave rather than maintaining your facial hair, but we’ll get into those in another article.

Let’s look at some common types:

Motorized Beards Trimmer: These use an internal motor to power their blades and give them the speed needed to cut through hair. The price range here goes all over the place so it’s important to do your research before buying something too cheap or too expensive.

Cordless Beard Trimmers: Most beard trimmers run on corded power, but it’s worth mentioning that you can get a cordless one as well. These are battery powered and usually charge up with a USB cable, though some will use a common AC outlet. You’ll find that they usually have the shortest battery life of any other type because their power source is by far the smallest. If you’re going to be using yours for traveling or outside, these might be what you’re looking for!

Manual Beard Trimmers: We’ve covered all kinds of motors so let’s look at something without one altogether. Manual beard trimmers don’t need batteries or motors because they just work by being turned on and off manually. They do this by having a sliding switch on them somewhere, meaning that they’re easy to use without worrying about complicated technology. For people who want something more classic, these are the way to go!

Charging Beard Trimmers: These have all the benefits of cordless beard trimmers with one improvement- They can be plugged into an outlet for charging! Some produce enough juice to only need a few hours here and there while others will last many days at a time. If you’ll be using your trimmer away from anywhere that has USB ports or wall outlets, this is what you should get!

Factors to Consider before buying beard trimmer:

There’s a lot you can learn about trimmers and it’s always a good idea to understand all the things that might affect your buying decision.

Power: How powerful the motor is will determine how fast the blades cut through hair, but it won’t be related to suction at all. You’ll find that some expensive models with high power tend to pull on your skin rather than cut cleanly like they’re supposed to. If you want one with a strong motor but low suction, read reviews and make sure people aren’t saying the same thing!

Settings: Some trimmers have adjustable blades or settings so that you can pick what kind of look you want and trim accordingly. These are great for grooming in general and make them versatile in terms of what you can use them on. Some trimmers will have a variety of settings that let you pick from different lengths while others might just have one or two for convenience’s sake. It’s wise to buy one with at least a few settings so it doesn’t limit your facial hair options!

Battery Life: Since most beard trimmers run on batteries, this is an important consideration when making a purchase. If you plan to use yours away from an outlet or USB port, make sure it has enough juice to last the whole time! There are some models out there which can be plugged in, but they usually take forever to charge up and only work when they’re plugged in. Most cordless ones run on AAAs and the like, meaning that they won’t last a full day without a charge even if you have extras on hand. If you need something with long battery life, make sure it’s an option before buying!

Price: The price of trimmers varies from cheap to expensive and everywhere in between. Paying more doesn’t always mean better quality or that your product will last longer- In fact, some of the best ones are quite affordable! It’s important to do your research when looking at prices because certain brands charge too much given what their products can offer. You don’t always have to buy something super cheap either- Just make sure it has everything you need and compare prices across a few different sites before picking one out.

Size: The size of your trimmer will determine how comfortable it is to use and what parts you’ll probably be taking with you when traveling. If you don’t want to take up too much space, make sure it’s small enough to fit in whatever bag or case you plan on using. Bigger models tend to look bulky but might make more sense if they’re meant for home use; It’s important that the one you buy suits your needs!

Versatility: Multi-purpose beard trimmers are great because they can cut through all kinds of hair no matter where it is on your body. Whether it’s the face, head, arms, legs, chest, or any other part of your body; these things can handle just about everything! This means that if you get one with attachments, it might be able to replace other grooming tools you have laying around. If you buy one without, this might not be the case but they’re still good for maintaining different areas!

Color: Some trimmers are available in black, white, or other colors while others only come in one color. If you want something that looks more stylish than some of the options out there, consider buying one with a nice color! It’s not likely to affect anything else but some people like having colorful products rather than plain ones.

Warranty:  Many companies offer some type of warranty for their products and beard trimmers are no exception. Different warranties will last different times; think about what you expect from your trimmer before buying so that you can buy one with an appropriate warranty if needed. At the bare minimum, make sure it has at least 30 days on it- Anything less probably isn’t worth it!

Brands: There are tons of different brands that sell beard trimmers so it can be hard to choose between them. Some companies offer reliable products while others don’t; doing some research is key when choosing which brand you want to buy from. Whether you plan on getting one with lots of features, just the basics, or anything in-between- Make sure it’s good quality before buying!

Material: The material a trimmer is made from tells you a lot about its quality and effectiveness. Cheaper options might be made from plastic while more expensive ones are usually stainless steel or some other metal that looks nice and can last through daily use. Some people prefer to buy something with rubber grips whereas others only care about how good it works on their hair! If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to look for one with hypoallergenic materials so that it doesn’t irritate your face when using it.

Weight: How heavy a beard trimmer makes a difference when using it; A lightweight model might be easier to maneuver than one that’s super heavy. If you plan on traveling with yours often, try picking up an extra battery (if possible) because this will allow you to swap them out as needed without having to stop. The weight of a trimmer isn’t likely to affect anything else but it’s something you should consider before buying!

Adjustability: Many models are adjustable so that you can get the cut exactly the way you want it. If you get one that doesn’t have this feature, look for other options because they’ll probably be able to do what you need at least some of the time. Some brands offer versatility when it comes to adjustment; if it’s important, try and find one with multiple settings and choose the lowest option in case they’re too strong for your needs!

Sound: There’s nothing like using a loud trimmer on sensitive parts of your body- Some people don’t mind this at all, but others get annoyed by the sound. If you don’t want to be bothered every time you use your trimmer, make sure it’s relatively quiet before purchasing- It might not seem like a lot, but this could be one of the most important criteria for some!

Replacement Parts: Hair trimmers can go through blades quite quickly so having replacement parts readily available is important. Some models allow you to remove the blade for cleaning or sharpening while others don’t- These ones often need new ones often, especially if you’ve had them for a while. If you’re not sure how many years it’ll last, think about whether you plan on getting replacement blades when it’s the time!

Plugs: Be aware of whether a trimmer plug into an outlet. Some models are rechargeable while others aren’t, meaning that you might need to get more than one if you decide on the latter. If you plan on getting a lot of, use out of your product, this could be a significant factor in the decision-making process!

Durability: One of the most important features to consider is how durable your beard trimmer will be once it’s been used often. Look for one that lasts at least several years and doesn’t break easily; otherwise, you might have to buy something new after just a few months of use! Beard trimmers should last through multiple uses so think about how many times per month or year you plan on using them before deciding on one to buy.

Smell: Some models are made with materials that let off an unpleasant smell during or after shaving; If you’re not into this kind of thing, make sure the model you choose doesn’t have a scent that’s too overpowering! It might also be possible to find some that don’t cause any irritation whatsoever as long as they work as intended- Ask around before buying because this could save some time and money!

Attachments: Some brands sell their products with different attachments- These can make a big difference in the way your trimmer performs so find one that provides an assortment if you need it. A lot of these come with guards, blades, and other things that are meant to help you maintain your beard or hair no matter what length you prefer. Make sure to read up on what each attachment does before buying because they’re usually not free!

Removable Heads: If you plan on using your hair trimmer for more than just your facial hair, this is an important thing to consider before making a purchase. Many models will let you remove their heads completely but be careful; some might fall apart during use which could lead to some serious frustration! Hair trimmers should be sturdy and can last a long time if they’re made with durable materials.

Design: A lot of people neglect the design of a trimmer until they realize that it’s significant! If you don’t need to shave often, get a product that looks nice and feels good in your hand. These often have ergonomic grips on them which shouldn’t slip out of your hands easily even if they’re wet or oily. It might also be possible to choose from some models with more than one color- This could help ensure that none of your friends mistake it for theirs so think about what you want before making a purchase!

Sealed Designs:  Some beard trimmers are sealed so there aren’t any places for water or oil to get trapped inside. Do this mean that they’ll never cl up? Absolutely not but it’s a nice feature all the same! It’s especially ideal for people who use their trimmers often because it makes cleaning them much easier than other models.

Power supply options:  There are three different kinds of power supplies when it comes to beard trimmers- These include charging stands, cords, and batteries. Most need electricity but there are some cordless models available for purchase. If you plan on traveling with your trimmer or want to use it without having to take up an outlet, make sure the model you choose has a battery that lasts!

Charge time: Depending on how often you’ll be using your product, charge time might be something to consider before buying. A lot of these can take several hours to recharge but some are equipped with features that give them more power in less time. If this is important, don’t hesitate to ask other people what they think about the trimmer’s timing before making a choice!

Charging stand: Some brands sell their products with a charging stand that looks like a dryer and it’s usually the best way to go. These models can last ten times as long as those without because they hold so much power! If you want something that’ll work for years, try to find one of these because the longer it takes to charge, the more time you’ll have to wait before trimming your beard…

Ease of use: Beard trimmers are limited in the number of features they can include which is why some are easier to use than others. If you’re looking for something straightforward, get one with fewer buttons and more power- These are ideal for newbies! However, if you need something more advanced, look at products that have more settings, so you’ll be able to customize your facial hair however you want

Wet/dry technology: While it’s not important unless you plan on using your trimmer in the shower or while shaving, check to see if it has this feature! It might seem like a lot of extra stuff but having the option to use this beard trimmer either wet or dry opens a new world of possibilities. It’s good if you want to use the product in the shower but bad if you don’t because it takes forever to dry out!

Accessories: Beard trimmers that come with extra pieces usually cost more than those that don’t so keep an eye on what’s included before making a purchase. Most of these products come with everything you need for your beard and mustache, but others might not include anything at all so be sure to check carefully before buying!

LED display: While not important for everyone, you might want to choose a product that has an LED screen if you want one with more features. These displays let you see how much power the trimmer has so you won’t have to worry about it dying when you need it most!

The Pros and Cons of beard trimmer:


It doesn’t require a lot of time to use which makes it great for busy people.

Beard trimmers give just about any man the chance to have a nice beard even if they don’t have a whole lot of experience grooming their facial hair.


Not everyone can handle the responsibility that comes with owning one so it’s not ideal for children who might get hurt while using it!

If you plan on changing your mind on what style you want, you’ll need to buy another trimmer because most only come with one set.


How does a beard trimmer work?

 Beard trimmers work by using a spinning blade at the top of the device to cut your facial hair. They usually have some sort of guard around it so none of your skin gets caught in between and they also come with attachments that let you change how long or short you want your beard or mustache.

How often do I need to charge my trimmer?

Most beard trimmers are cordless and run-on batteries that don’t last forever. You’ll probably end up charging them every day or every other day depending on how long your trim sessions are. Some of them come with an option to plug them in right next to where the outlet is so the quick charge takes only minutes before it’s ready to go again!

What are the benefits of owning a beard trimmer?

People who trim their facial hair are usually trying to have more control over how they look every day. They want to express themselves in new ways or experiment with different styles which is why these tools are so popular!

Who should get one?

If you love to change your look daily, this product is perfect for you! Beards can be long, short, shaped, however, you want and even come without hair at all if that’s what you’re into. Trimmers give anyone the chance to try out something brand new which is why they’re great for people who often play around with their appearance.

Is it safe for kids?

No, kids aren’t supposed to use personal care products like this one because of how sharp the blade is. It’s easy to get hurt if they don’t know how to use it properly and can even injure another child with something like this so stick to using it for yourself!

Are beard trimmers worth the money?

Well, they are if you’re looking for something new to use on your facial hair regularly. A trimmer will never lose its effectiveness over time like razors do which means it’ll give you the same close shave every time. You don’t want any stray hairs showing up when you wake up one morning which is why these tools make life a lot easier.

How long does a full charge last?

A full charge will last about an hour but if you go fast while trimming, it’ll probably die on you before then. When using it for the first time, charge it overnight so you can be sure to use it right away!

What do I need to know before choosing a product?

If you want something that comes with all the bells and whistles, choose one that has an LED screen. These displays give you information on how much battery life there is and if the trimmer needs to be cleaned or not which makes it easier than ever to get your beard looking just right.

How to clean a beard trimmer?

After every use, unplug your tool and then take apart all the attachments that come with it. Be sure to brush out any loose hairs stuck inside because they’ll get everywhere otherwise! Next, use a small amount of hand soap or body wash to make sure there isn’t any oil or residue left over from your shaving cream. Rinse the blade off and then let it air dry for a few minutes before using it again!

How should I take care of my tool?

Beard trimmers are made from a lot of delicate, moving parts so you have to be careful with them, so it doesn’t break. Never turn on your trimmer if any of the pieces are loose as this will cause damage to the product as well as accidentally cutting yourself!

Can I use a beard trimmer for haircuts?

Yes, a lot of them can cut your hair if you have men’s shortcuts so they’re perfect for barbers who want to get creative with their clientele!

Do beard trimmers work on both wet and dry facial hair?

Yes, most newer models are designed to work with any type of shaving cream or gel which is why more and more people are using this tool each day.

Are they better than razors?

You might think that a razor is the best way to remove all the unwanted hair from your face but that’s where you’re wrong. Razors can give anyone a very close shave but over time, they dull the blade, and then it’s no longer effective whatsoever. Beard trimmers can be used for a long time and never lose their effectiveness which makes them a much better choice.

How long should my beard be for trimming it?

About 2 inches or so is the perfect length to start with if you want to use a trimmer on your facial hair. It’s always safer to cut less at first so you can go shorter the next time around if you’re not happy with how it looks!


A beard trimmer is a great way to experiment with something new if you’re not sure about whether it’s going to suit your style. It’s also a necessary tool for anyone who has a lot of facial hair and wants to get rid of the strands that pop up when they least expect it! Beards are in style these days so there’s nothing wrong with trying out this look instead of keeping things short all year long.

Don’t forget to take apart all of the attachments as well as making sure nothing is loose before turning on your trimmer for the first time. Caring for a beard trimmer is just as important as using it so you don’t damage the blades at all!

A good tip to remember when you’re trimming your facial hair is to go in the direction of the grain rather than against it. This helps prevent any red marks from appearing on your face and makes things a lot less sensitive! If you want something that’s going to make life easier, this is what you need in order to look great without spending too much time on grooming.