Best Air Fryer With Rotisserie Consumer Reports

Best Air Fryer With Rotisserie Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

Are you in the market for a new air fryer? If so, you may be wondering if a model with a rotisserie is worth investing in. In this blog post, we’ll look at the best air fryers with rotisserie features, based on Consumer Reports’ findings. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using a rotisserie function and how it can help make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable. By the end of this post, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if an air fryer with rotisserie is right for you!

Top 10 Best Air Fryer With Rotisserie to Buy in 2022:

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What is an Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

An air fryer with rotisserie is a type of electric cooker that can cook and crisp foods, like chicken and potatoes, without requiring any oil. It also infuses your food with the flavor of roasting by combining hot air and convection heating. For this reason, an air fryer with rotisserie is often referred to as a healthy alternative to deep frying. Air fryers tend to be relatively small appliances that can fit on your countertop or in your cupboard for storage (some are even small enough to carry around!). They have a variety of functions so you can use them not only as an air fryer, but as a dehydrator or steamer too!

Most Common Types of Air Fryer with Rotisserie:

There are several different types of air fryers with rotisserie currently on the market. Here are a few of the most popular:

Tower Air Fryers: This type is made up of a vertical, upright container that holds food in its center and heats it from all sides simultaneously. It’s often shaped like a tower so you can place your food in the middle and have it evenly cooked from all angles. These models have been known to have an even better cooking ability than standard countertop fryers because they distribute heat more evenly!

Vertical Air Fryer with Rotisserie: Similarly shaped to a tower, this type has a vertical base and is shorter, wider, and deeper if compared to tower fryers. It also has an attached basket that can hold up to 5 pounds of food at a time.

Panasonic Frying Air Fryer with Rotisserie: This type of fryer is very similar to the traditional countertop fryers you are used to seeing, but it has the benefits of being equipped with a rotisserie feature.

Factors to Consider before buying Air Fryer with Rotisserie:

If you’re thinking of investing in an air fryer with rotisserie, there are a few key factors you need to consider first. These include:

The size and capacity of the appliance: Air fryers come in all different sizes and capacities. If you’re just cooking for yourself or two people, a smaller unit may be sufficient, but larger families will require larger units with bigger baskets! The more food you cook at once, the longer it will take your unit to cook your food so always think about what type of meals you’ll be making before buying one! Also keep in mind that some units can also double as dehydrators and steamers!

Convection: This has a fixed temperature just like traditional fryers but also uses a fan. It also cooks food faster than traditional fryers with less visible smoke when in use! This is because it keeps the cooking environment separate from the heating element so there’s no open flame or heat transfer between them.

Basket: This allows for air frying via hot air and heat transfer and comes with a basket. It’s perfect for cooking single servings of food!

Cooking racks: These allow you to cook different types of foods at one time, such as French fries and chicken. Some include interchangeable cooking rods so you can change the depth at which the food is fried or cooked.

Adjustable settings: You want your fryer to have adjustable settings so it can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences. For example, you might like it if your electric fryer came with an auto shut off feature in case something catches fire (this has happened before!) So, look for a fryer that you can set to your exact cooking temperature and time.

Forced air: Some models on the market force hot air through a food basket after it’s been put inside the unit. This is great for uniform heating and makes cleaning up afterwards much easier!

Automatic timer: This feature will allow you to determine when your fryer should start cooking, as well as how long it should cook for. This is especially important if you have an overloaded or underloaded basket because it will adjust accordingly so you always get delicious meals!

Pre-set timer: If you’re looking for an appliance that doesn’t require as much control (or thinking if you’ll use it), pre-set timers make cooking even simpler by automatically reducing or increasing temperature according to preset settings. Just set it and forget it!

Warranty: While most appliances come with a standard one-year warranty, some manufacturers offer extended warranties for up to three years. This can be a great way to protect your investment and help you feel more comfortable about spending money on an air fryer.

Design:  This style is taller and skinnier than tower models, but not as tall as countertop fryers. It has a removable basket to make adding food easy and it usually comes with a nonstick coating.

Programmable touchpad: A programmable touchpad allows users to quickly select options such as cook time and temperature for optimal use.

Recipe book: This allows you to try new foods, spices, recipes and more so you don’t get bored of what you’re cooking! Great on-the-go reference material when the power goes out/you need some emergency food!

Storage bag: Storage bags allow customers to store and transport their appliances easily and safely. They also keep your kitchen looking tidy and clean, which is a win-win!

Container: This feature allows for easy draining of oil from cooking food. Just remove the container and dispose of oil from your food in a safe manner.

Temperature control: This feature allows you to adjust cooking time and temperature for more customizable results. Look for one that has a wide range of preset temperatures so you can enjoy frozen, fresh, and restaurant-quality meals at home!

Vent holes on the top and bottom: These helps release heat while preventing smoke build up during use, so your kitchen doesn’t smell like it’s burning down while you’re eating dinner!


Power:  Air fryers typically range between 450 and 1800 watts, but some can go as high as 2350! First decide how much power you need and then find the best unit that fits your needs.

Price:  While the above are all important features to consider, price is always a concern. The more bells and whistles your unit have, the higher it’s going to raise in price. If you’re on a budget, consider buying an air fryer that includes only the essential components in terms of specs to purchase at a lower price point.

Maintenance:   Cleaning an air fryer regularly will result in better tasting food and longer appliance life. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your model, but most can be cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Ease of use:  Just like everything else in life, the simpler the better. The more options and settings available on an air fryer will give you more control over your cooking time and results, but some consider this to be overwhelming for beginners. If it has basic features, such as adjustable temperature controls, vent holes and non-stick surfaces you should be fine!

The simpler the controls are, the easier it will be for you to get started. Look for a model that includes customizable time and temperature settings. Some higher end air fryers come with LCD displays that allow you to program your cooking times down to specific minutes and degrees Fahrenheit!

Material: There are 3 primary materials used in air fryer construction: stainless steel, non-stick and ceramic. While each has its own set of pros and cons, we recommend opting for a unit with at least one of these features to help prolong your appliance’s life and durability!

Temperature Controls:  Some users prefer to manually control the temperature of their appliances, while others want automatic presets for convenience. Find the unit that best fits your needs!

Safe: Make sure your air fryer is equipped with safety features including heat-resistant housing materials, non-skid feet or rubberized bases, safety switches or cool touch exteriors, child locks and auto shutoff functions.

Timer:  Digital timers are more accurate than traditional time + temperature controls, but they’re also slightly more expensive.

Capacity: The higher your capacity, the less you’ll have to cook for each meal, which means faster cooking times and less time spent on clean up afterward.

Wattage:  Wattage is a measure of power, so the higher it is the more powerful your appliance will be. Think of this as how much muscle your unit must get cooking!

Noise: The noise a unit emits during use can be annoying for some users, especially if you plan on keeping it in an open space where everyone can hear all that sizzle when you’re using it.

Door: Some air fryers have covers with glass windows while others are completely covered from top-to-bottom. The former lets you check on your food without releasing heat or steam and letting out all that good flavor, but the latter offers better insulation at the cost of being slightly less convenient.

Flavor:   While some units come with added flavors to infuse your food while they cook, air fryers tend to leave meats tasting drier. Be sure to add sauces and marinades the moment you’re done cooking!

Cooking Capacity: This refers to how much food can fit in your unit at any one time, which will depend on the size of its basket or pan (see above).

Brand: While most air fryers are built similarly to one another, some brands have more resources at their disposal and can include more bells and whistles with their units than the competition. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should only choose a popular brand name…just make sure they’re selling a unit that meets all of your needs!

The Pros and Cons of Air Fryer with Rotisserie:



The unique look and feel of a rotisserie air fryer is something that most people find to be quite aesthetically pleasing. This unit will hold your food securely in place while it’s being cooked, which means you can add ingredients or turn the basket without having to worry about anything falling out! It also uses a single heating element at the top of its chamber rather than multiple coils underneath like standard air fryers, so you don’t have to worry about unappealing hot spots in your food that resulted from uneven cooking.

Cons: Rotisserie air fryers cook every side of your food equally and efficiently, but they’re not good for cooking crunchy products such as French fries or chicken strips. The rotating arm adds an extra level of difficulty when it comes to removing your food, especially if you’re cooking large cuts of meat. These units are also more expensive than standard options!


How do Air Fryer with Rotisserie work?

An air fryer with a rotisserie is slightly different than other units on the market. Rather than heating up coils underneath your food, this unit blasts hot air around it is using an element at the top of its chamber. This means your food will be cooked evenly across all sides rather than just the bottom half!

What are some healthy cooking tips for Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

You can use less oil in an air fryer with rotisserie than you would in a standard one, but make sure to stir your product halfway through cooking so that you can maximize taste and texture throughout! If you’re worried about wasting fat from foods like chicken wings, consider placing them onto a cooling rack first before hitting them with a quick spray of oil and spices.

How much should I spend on an Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

You shouldn’t have to pay more than $100 for a decent air fryer, but you can expect to spend as much as $200 if you want the latest model from a popular brand name.

Is Air Fryer with Rotisserie worth it?

If you want to make large cuts of meat like whole chickens or ribs, this is an excellent choice for saving time and effort. Rotisserie air fryers are also good for larger families who can’t fit a full-sized oven in their kitchen!

How do I cook the perfect chicken wings with Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

To ensure even cooking throughout, cut your wings into smaller pieces before placing them on the rotisserie rod. Cook them slightly longer than you would if they were going into a standard or convection oven, then drain excess fat after removing from heat!

How to clean Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

Avoid cleaning your rotisserie basket with abrasive sponges or scrubbers that can cause damage to the surface. Instead, use a small brush and a natural dish soap before giving it a thorough rinse!

How long do Air Fryer with Rotisserie take to cook food?

This mostly depends on how much food you’re cooking at one time, but you’ll be able to save yourself about half the time needed when using an oven by using an air fryer instead!

Why is my food dry when I use Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

Dryness is often the result of your unit not being hot enough or cooking your food for too long. Make sure to follow recipe directions closely and check on your product halfway through if it isn’t turning out as well as you expected!

How do I prevent Air Fryer with Rotisserie from smoking?

If too much oil was used when making your food, it’s possible that it will start to smoke during the cooking process. To avoid this, use plenty of spices (and less fat!) when seasoning before cooking. You can also place a small bowl filled with water inside the chamber to help humidify the air and minimize any potential chances of burning your ingredients!

What can I cook in an Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

Use an air fryer with rotisserie for large cuts of meat like ribs, whole chickens, and pork shoulders! This unit is also great for making scrumptious side dishes like fries or tater tots. Since most models are quite large (and can cook food for 5+ people at once!), you can even use it to save time when hosting dinners with friends & family!

How long does it take for my Air Fryer with Rotisserie to heat up?

Most models should start to beep (or turn on) when they are heated enough to begin cooking food, but this will also depend on the model you choose. If your unit does not beep upon turning it on, use a small piece of food like a French fry to ensure that it’s ready for cooking.

Is Air Fryer with Rotisserie healthy?

It can be, depending on what type of oils and spices you use! When buying an air fryer with rotisserie, make sure that it comes equipped with a handy oil filtration system, so you don’t need to add near as much fat when roasting products like potatoes or chicken drumsticks.

Can Air Fryer with Rotisserie be used for deep frying?

No! Although these units can cook large cuts of meat like ribs or whole chickens quickly and easily, they aren’t meant for deep frying foods like donuts or French fries. For larger quantities of oil than what’s included in most models, we recommend checking out our Best Deep Fryer article for recommendations!

How long will food stay crispy when cooked in an Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

Food should stay crispy for about half the time when cooked in an air fryer with rotisserie than it would if it were placed in a traditional oven. To get the best results, avoid overcooking by checking on your product halfway through and making sure to let excess fat drain away after cooking is complete!

What kind of accessories does an Air Fryer with Rotisserie come with?

Most models come equipped with a large basket inside their heating chamber that’s designed to hold whole chickens, pork shoulders, ribs & other larger cuts of meat. To easily remove food once it’s finished cooking and drain out any excess fat or oils, you can look for a model that comes with mesh splatter screens!

Can I use my Air Fryer with Rotisserie to smoke food?

Unfortunately, no. Air fryers are not meant for cooking anything that requires an extended amount of time in the presence of direct heat, so it’s best used for quick tasks like crisping up French fries or reheating cooked products. There are several models out there that include a rotisserie function on top of the usual air frying abilities if you’re looking for one appliance to do it all!

Do any Air Fryers with Rotisserie have timers on them?

Many models will beep when they reach your desired temperature and begin cooking food or allow you to program a timer so that your meal is ready by the time you come back from work! If you’re looking to cook for a long period of time, you might want to consider looking for an air fryer that has automatic or adjustable temperature settings.

Are rotisserie air fryers good?

If you use them properly and take care with your cooking (cut your meat into uniform, thin slices and always check to make sure the juices aren’t pink before eating), rotisserie air fryers can be great for making crispy chicken drumsticks or ribs without all of the added fat!

What is a good electric air fryer brand?

At Reviewed, we’ve tested dozens of different models from many brands like Philips, Presto, Power Air Fryer & West Bend. Check out our best air friers article to find top rated buys from some of these reputable manufacturers!

How do I cook frozen French fries in an Air Fryer with Rotisserie?

One way that’s popular in Asian regions involves adding water to the food chamber before adding your frozen French fries. After closing the lid, you can remove it so that all the water can evaporate and allow your fries to cook in their own steam!

Can Air Fryer with Rotisserie be used to grill food?

No, air fryers are not designed to cook anything that requires extended exposure to high temperatures. For grilling your favorite meats or vegetables, we recommend checking out our Best Grill Reviews for recommendations!

How do you cook hot dogs in an air fryer rotisserie?

If you’re looking for a quick way to reheat hot dogs without having to turn on your oven or stove, some models like the Power Air Fryer XL can be used as a hot dog roaster! Simply preheat the air fryer and use the included tongs to insert up to four links at a time. To ensure they cook evenly, avoid rotating them and shake everything around every 10 minutes!

What types of food can you cook in an air fryer rotisserie?

In addition to offering a way to reheat your favorite meats and veggies, Air Fryers with Rotisserie can be used as a means of dehydrating fruit for homemade trail mix or jerky. You can also use it for cooking whole turkeys or chickens if they have been seasoned properly beforehand!

What types of food shouldn’t you cook in an air fryer rotisserie?

Since air fryers get so hot inside their food chambers, it’s best to avoid cooking anything that requires low or slow cook times. This includes things like pot roast, braised short ribs and similar items where the heat transfer can be uneven!

What are some tips for cooking in an air fryer rotisserie?

One trick for making sure your Rotisserie Air Fryer cooks evenly is frying or grilling one side of your food, then rotating it 90 degrees to get the opposite cooking process started. This way, each side will cook at roughly the same rate!

What is the best way to cook steak in an air fryer rotisserie?

One popular method is to use two oven safe pans. Place one on the bottom of the Air Fryer and fill it with water until about an inch deep. Then, place your steak in a separate baking dish (with or without seasoning) and place that pan on top of the first! After letting everything cook for several minutes, remove both pans at once and check to see if your steak has reached desired doneness.

How do you bake fish in an air fryer rotisserie?

A simple solution is to use foil! Place the fish on a sheet of aluminum foil with all of its fins pinned down so they don’t get stuck inside. To ensure your food doesn’t stick, be sure to grease the pan or spray it with cooking oil first!


Since Air Fryers with Rotisserie provide a variety of ways for you to cook almost anything, they can be helpful in restoring your interest in cooking! We hope this article has given you some insight on how best to use these versatile appliances.