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Best Air Fryer Consumer Reports, Tips, Reviews, Ratings, and Guides in 2022

Are you looking for a new air fryer? If so, you may be wondering what the best air fryer is. There are many different air fryers on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. We’ll look at what to consider when buying an air fryer and some of the benefits of using one. So, whether you’re in the market for your first air fryer or are just looking to upgrade, read on for our top picks!

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Oven to Buy in 2022:

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What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around it at high speed. It is like a convection oven but circulates the air with a fan rather than simply heating the air around the food. As well as cooking food faster than other appliances, such as an oven or stove top, an air fryer also allows you to eat healthier as there is little to no oil used during cooking.

Most Common Types of air fryer:

There are three main types of air fryer: countertop full-size, personal mini, and standalone tabletop.

Countertop full-size: This type of air fryer is the largest and can typically cook food for a whole family. It’s great for cooking multiple servings at once but may take up more space on your countertop than smaller fryers. Many of these models come with frying baskets that are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean after use.

Personal mini: This type of air fryer is small enough to easily fit into your kitchen without taking up much space. Some personal fryers even have carrying handles which make them convenient if you want to bring them out when entertaining or away from home.

Tabletop: If you don’t have room for an appliance in your kitchen, tabletop air fryers are ideal as they sit directly on your table or countertop. They usually come with wheels which makes them easy to move around wherever you need them.

Factors to Consider before buying Air Fryer:

Size: The size of the fryer is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing an air fryer. An under-sized air fryer will affect the quality of your food, while over-sized models can be more difficult to store when not in use.

Design and Quality: When buying an air fryer, you’ll want to consider its design and the quality of materials used in manufacturing. The best air fryers are made from high-quality material that is both non-toxic and BPA-free. Check that the air fryer has a cool touch exterior and removable parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher for easy cleanup after use.

Safety Features: The safer your appliance is, the better. Look for an air fryer with features such as auto shut off when not operating correctly or if it detects low oil levels. This helps prevent accidents caused by malfunctioning appliances while also making cooking easier as you don’t need to constantly monitor your food.

Power and Speed: The power of the air fryer is measured in watts, with a higher wattage meaning faster cooking. Look for an air fryer with at least 800 to 1000 watts of power, which will allow you to cook most food types without preheating or waiting for long periods. The speed of the fan is also important as this effects its performance and can make a big difference in how your food turns out. Most standard models have fan speeds between 80-150 rounds per minute (RPM).

Price: Air fryers are generally affordable, with most major brands offering models under $100. It’s important to consider where you’ll be using the air fryer before making a purchase, as some of the smaller personal air fryers may only be suitable for certain kinds of cooking.

Brands: Air fryers are made by several well-known brands, including Philips, Phillips, Panasonic, Homeleader, Gourmia and others.

Style: The style of air fryer is another important consideration before purchasing one, as different models come in different designs. While most air fryers are the same standard design which consists of a round basket placed inside an outer bowl-shaped casing, there are some notable differences between individual models.

Material: Air fryers are made using several different materials depending on their type and brand. Most standard air fryer models are constructed from durable, high-quality plastic that is both BPA-free and non-toxic. High-end tabletop models tend to be made from stainless steel or enameled cast iron for added durability. Features:

Food Capacity: The food capacity refers to the amount of food the air fryer can hold at once. Full-sized models usually have a food capacity of around 2 liters (0.5 gallons), while personal ones can range between 0.45 and 1.4 liters (0.12 and 0.35 gallons).

Ease of Use: The ease of use refers to how easy the air fryer is to assemble and operate after purchase, including factors such as how intuitive the controls are and whether you need to preheat the appliance before cooking.

Efficiency: The efficiency refers to how quickly the air fryer can cook food, with faster models being more efficient than slower ones. This matters most for large items such as whole chickens or Thanksgiving turkey rather than small food like French fries.

Temperature control dials: The temperature control dials refer to how easy it is to adjust the heat of your air fryer. Most models come with a temperature control dial which allows you to choose between a wide range of temperatures, usually from 100-400 degrees Fahrenheit (37-200 Celsius).

Nonstick surface: The nonstick surface refers to whether your air fryer has a nonstick coating inside its main frying basket. Some models have Teflon or similar coatings which makes them easier to clean after each use.

Digital display: Many high-end air fryers have digital displays included as part of their design. These allow you to more easily set and monitor the cooking time, temperature, and other important factors during the process.

Removable parts: Several different removable parts are included with most standard full-sized and personal sized air fryers. These include nonstick frying baskets drip trays and more which make them easier to clean and maintain.

Timer control system: A timer control system allows you to set how long your food remains in the air fryer for before it switches off automatically. Many models feature this as part of their extra safety features which prevent you from undercooking or overcooking your food.

Automatic shutoff: The automatic shutoff feature refers to whether your air fryer automatically turns off if it detects a lack of oil or inability to heat up. Most models have this as part of their safety features, which make them safer and easier to use.

Auto shutoff: Some main features of air fryers include auto shut off technology which is like a timer that allows the appliance to detect when your food is finished cooking and turns itself off automatically. This feature is important as it helps prevent overcooking or burning your food.

Ready indicator light:

An indicator light or automated alert tells you when the appliance has reached its preheated cooking temperature efficiently allowing you to start cooking without wasting time.

A preheat warning light reminds you when it’s time to add more oil during the preparation process, ensuring that your food cooks evenly while also preventing undercooking or burning.

Removable drip tray: The removable drip tray is a common feature included with most standard full-sized and personal sized air fryers. This part can be removed from the air fryer after you have used it for your cooking needs, making it easier to clean up afterwards.

Reusable air filter: A reusable air filter is a standard feature included with many modern air fryers. It works to purify the inside of your fryer which prevents it from smelling while also making the machine last longer.

Touch buttons: The touch buttons refer to whether your air fryer has raised buttons made from touch technology rather than traditional knobs. This matters most for models that have dials or don’t include digital displays, as they make it easier to choose between different options.

Exterior heat outlet: An exterior heat outlet is a standard feature included with many high-end full-sized and personal sized air fryers. It helps allows hot air to be released away from the appliance while it cooks which prevents overheating of nearby surfaces.

Cool touch handle: A cool touch handle allows you to easily move your food around without burning yourself since the surface remains relatively cool even when cooking oil is used inside the machine during preparation time.

Dishwasher safe: A dishwasher-safe design makes it easier to clean your air fryer after using it for cooking. This feature is standard among most models, allowing you to place the parts on a dishwasher rack and have them cleaned automatically.

Basket light indicator: A clear light indicator allows you to see at a glance when the integrated LED lights have illuminated on the appliance, which means that it has reached its preheated cooking temperature efficiently. You can then start cooking without wasting time if you wish.

Warranty: While most modern air fryers come with a one year or more warranty, some may have longer ones depending on the manufacturer. This is an important feature to consider if you want to know how long your product should last before repairs are needed.

Cord storage: An important convenience feature for many people includes cord storage which allows you to store excess cord length safely after use without having it lie around as clutter. This can reduce the risk of tripping over the cord or damaging it, which is helpful if you plan on storing your air fryer away after use.

Durability: This is a common concern among people looking to purchase an air fryer because these appliances are somewhat expensive, and they want to make sure that they will last for years down the road. To increase longevity, consider purchasing an air fryer with stainless steel parts which do not rust easily.

Heating power: An important aspect to remember about any appliance you choose is how much energy it consumes when running since this can affect your electricity bill or even cause potential problems if you don’t have access to enough electricity.

Number of presets: Consider what other features come included with your chosen air fryer model. This includes whether it comes with preset cooking times which reduces the amount time spent experimenting with different options while also making it easier to cook a variety of different foods in a short time.

Space saving: For people who have limited space in their kitchen, an air fryer may be the ideal solution for this because they take up very little room on your countertop while still having quick and easy access when you need them. This means that both large and small kitchens can benefit from these appliances.

Oven alternative:  Many people turn to an air fryer instead of their oven because it allows them to cook many types of food without heating up a large area around it, which can be helpful during warmer months or if you live in a warm climate. This also makes it easier to use your oven for other purposes simultaneously.

Fresher taste: For many people, one of the enjoyable features of using this type of appliance is being able to cook healthier because the food is air-fried rather than deep fried. This means that it can retain more flavor and natural juices due to the reduced amount of oil used.

Convenience: Finally, one reason why people choose an air fryer is for the convenience factor since many models only take 10 minutes or less to reach their ideal cooking temperature which eliminates any lengthy preheating times. This also makes it easy to prepare a meal in a short time without much effort, especially if you plan on eating alone or with a small family.

The Pros and Cons of air fryer


The benefits of owning an air fryer include its small size, lack of excess oil required for cooking, cooking versatility, and capacity to keep food tasting fresh while removing any unwanted grease or fat content.


A few drawbacks to consider when thinking about how much you will need the appliance includes no browning options, inability to cook large amounts of food at once, issues with cleaning depending on model design, and the potential risk related to hot parts inside the unit if not handled properly.


How do air fryer work?

There are several different types of air fryers, but most models work the same way. After adding food to be cooked into the machine, an electrical current heat up a fan which causes hot air to flow over the cooking chamber. The hot air circulates around your food at high speed which creates a “frying” effect without having to use harmful oil or grease.

How many watts does an air fryer use?

Typically, energy usage of an air fryer is between 800 and 2000 watts. This varies by model and the amount of food being cooked at once, but it is important to remember that wattage directly affects how long your cooking times will take. If you need a quick meal, you may want to consider choosing a higher wattage unit, so it heats up faster or selecting one with pre-set cooking options for various dishes.

How is an air fryer different from regular frying?

The main difference between regular frying and using an air fryer is that you don’t need as much oil to cook your foods with the latter. Most models only require about 1-2 tablespoons of oil instead of deep frying your foods for several minutes in excess amounts of it.

What kind of food can I cook in an air fryer?

There is a large variety of different foods and meals that you can make with this appliance. You can use it to make everything from meats like steak, chicken, and fish to appetizers like mozzarella sticks and popcorn. Many people also choose to use it to quickly prepare vegetables like potatoes or cauliflower as well as desserts such as roasts and baked apples.

What foods should I avoid using an air fryer for?

It is best to avoid cooking breaded items, meats that are not defrosted beforehand, and fatty or creamy sauces in an air fryer since they often burn faster compared to other types of food due to their high oil content.

How do I know which size of air fryer to get?

It is important to consider the amount of food you will be cooking within your unit at one time when choosing the right size for your kitchen countertop. If you tend to cook for several people on a regular basis, we suggest opting for a larger capacity, so you aren’t forced to cook in batches. Once you have determined how much capacity you’ll need, you can then look at the dimensions of models to ensure it will fit on your counter next to other cooking appliances.

What is the best air fryer brand?

There are many different brands which offer high-quality air fryers so narrowing down this category can be difficult. We recommend looking at the specific product features for each model along with its overall design and convenience options when choosing between them. One way to weed out some choices based on their price ranges would also help narrow down your search criteria. For instance, opting for an affordable yet durable product may give you more bang for your buck than buying a highly rated, but expensive unit that doesn’t offer as many features.

Why should I use an air fryer?

Using an air fryer is a great option for those who are constantly on the go and don’t have much time to cook during the day. There are pre-set buttons which allow you to choose different cooking options based on your personal preferences, including how crispy or soft you want your food. They also allow for quick cleanup so you can take it out of your kitchen once finished and quickly wipe off any drops during mealtime without having to worry about scrubbing oil stains from pans or dishes.

How should I clean my air fryer?

The best way to keep your unit free of grease stains would be by wiping down the cooking chamber with warm water and dish soap after every use; this will make it easier to clean compared to other appliances.

What are the health benefits of using an air fryer?

Using an air fryer allows you to cook your food at a much lower temperature than frying with oil. Most models only need about 1-2 tablespoons of oil, whereas with traditional frying you would have to add several cups or even a quart’s worth of grease to ensure your foods come out crispy on all sides. This also reduces fat and calorie content significantly compared with regular frying. In addition, cooking with an air fryer is safer since it doesn’t generate excess amounts of heat that can burn yourself when removing items from it or placing them into the chamber during cooking time.

Can I air fry frozen food?

You can cook frozen food with an air fryer, but you will need to adjust the time and temperature of your cooking settings by selecting a lower level on the unit’s control panel. Air fryers generally require pre-heating times before foods can be added into them, therefore it is best to thoroughly thaw out any frozen items first versus simply placing them inside since they may not cook evenly or at all.

Is there a way to cook things faster than the recommended time?

There isn’t a specific “turbo” option built into most units, but you can lower the cooking time and increase its temperature settings if needed. Many models come with preset buttons which allow you to choose between chicken, fish, steak, and other similar dishes to help speed up your overall cooking time since many of these items require similar temperatures and times.

Does it matter if I put metal pans in my air fryer?

The amount of radiation produced in an air fryer is low so it wouldn’t pose a significant risk if you were to place metal pans or food trays inside since most of their surfaces are made with non-metal materials. However, some units may come with specific instructions which state not placing any metal items in the cooking chamber due to safety concerns.

Do I need special utensils for my air fryer?

You don’t necessarily need to use utensils made specifically for cooking with an air fryer since most regular cookware would be fine, but the trays and pans usually come with specific instructions which state these should not be placed inside. If you do decide to use any other cookware, make sure it is safe before placing food items on it by looking at any warnings or disclaimers first.

What’s inside the Box?

You should receive your product manual and power cord with your order, along with what appears to be the actual unit itself. However, many air fryers come with multiple accessories that can help boost your cooking session’s efficiency, making them a good source of secondary income if you’re an affiliate marketer.

You’ll receive several racks which can be used inside the chamber to make up for any lost space when cooking larger portions of meat or other food items.

There are also wire mesh baskets which allow you to cook small snacks without having to open up the main cooking section in between waiting for it to heat up again since they do not contain any metal parts which may affect its safety functions.

Oven gloves are another must-have accessory when using an air fryer since they allow you to remove food items from the cooking chamber without having to worry about getting burned. This is especially important when taking food items out of the oven since it will be extremely hot at this time.

Who are these designed for?

Air fryers are designed for anyone looking to cook their food quickly and with less oil compared with frying in a pan or pot, making them an ideal choice for most households. In addition, there is a smaller amount of smoke and lingering cooking odors due to the reduced time required to prepare meals.

Who shouldn’t use an air fryer?

People who don’t like using new technologies or those with allergies to non-stick materials used in most cookware may not appreciate the benefits associated with having an air fryer. However, it’s still possible for these individuals to utilize this appliance by following the instructions closely and only placing certain food items inside that are safe for their diets.


Air fryers offer an easy way to prepare foods without the use of excess oils or grease. They also typically take up less space on a countertop and make it easier to cook for larger groups of people. However, there are some drawbacks associated with them as well such as not having options for browning food and more time spent cleaning due to its smaller size.

The benefits that come from owning this product usually outweigh any potential problems though, so we believe they are a good choice if you enjoy cooking various types of meals at home. Think about how much money you’re willing to spend on one along with what kind of convenience features would be most useful for your daily routine before choosing which one is right for you!

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